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September Calendar

Sorry y’all.  I have been distracted by daycare and the illness of a close family member.   Here are a few events to keep you busy this month – in case you don’t have enough to do!

September 10, 11 and 12 Celebration on the Grand   There will be a free live show  in Ah-Nab-Awen Park at 3:00.  The Great Start Parent Coalition is presenting this concert, which will feature the folks from “Come On Over!”  As a way to support them, please bring an unopened package of diapers to donate for the Diaper Drive. There are lots of other events over the course of the weekend  – check here for details

September 19 – various events around town to kick off Kent Conservation District’s “Connecting Families with Nature” program. 

September 19 East Grand Rapids Library is having a “Create With Clay” art workshop.  This sounds like some messy fun!

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Drugstore Ninjas Disaster Preparedness Kits


`I know that many of you out there are drugstore ninjas – swooping in with fistfulls of coupons, Register Rewards, and Extra Care Bucks and flying out with $67 worth of stuff for $0.06 before the clerk knows what hit them. I also know that sometimes, you stock up on just a smidge more than you actually need right now. Or might actually need for the next 35 years. I speak from experience, and I end up looking for a charity who happens to be having a toothpaste drive.

I am sincere when I say that resourcefulness is a gift. It fits in the ‘talent’ portion of time, talent and treasure your church asks you to share with someone less fortunate than you.  Something about “The Recession” makes me want to focus my giving more locally, but not being sure when a layoff is coming, we are careful with our money and have had to cut back on some donations. I feel awful about this, but I believe the University of Georgia Alumni Association will live without me for a few years.

While the Red Cross is a huge organization, the local chapters coordinate services for their communities. Right now, the Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids is collecting items for Disaster Preparedness Kits for one of the most fire prone areas; the Baxter Neighborhood. For more information about their wish list and donating, check here. And yes, toothpaste is on the list.   

Donating items I have an abundance of is one way I can help other people with at a very low cost. It is a very tangible way for kids to see you give, too.  Just print off the list and go ‘shopping’ from your stash for items on it.  People are so excited when kids are involved that they will get lots of praise for when you go to deliver the items.  It always bewilders my kids a little, but I think it is laying a good foundation for community involvement. For more Frugal Friday, go to Life As MOM.

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Having A Moment

We’re wrapping up summer this week and finalizing our fall plans. For our family, it’s a big shift not only from summer to school, but it’s also the beginning of my work season so we go from lots of time together to lots of time apart. My plans have changed slightly as the nanny situation I wanted wasn’t coming together. I’ve almost been too deep in thought and busy with little pesky ‘get ready for school’ tasks to write a coherent blog post this week but the urge to blog is overtaking me; so here we go.

Last year when I worked, my husband worked an opposite shift so we didn’t have any childcare. This year, he is starting school (and still working full time) and we don’t have that option. We have known The Nanny for quite a while, and she loves our kids. Unfortunately, our schedules don’t work together so I had to come up with Plan B. After a few days of trying to work out The Nanny Situation, I felt like I was doing math, and I am really bad at math. I decided to check out daycare centers.

This was a giant big huge enormous step for me. I am officially a Working Mom (even if it’s not year-round). Someone else is taking care of my kids the majority of the time. I had to swallow hard just to write that last line. They are only in school half days.
My kids seem completely unfazed. A.P. is excited that he gets to ride the bus from school to daycare. Maybelle is excited because they have a lot of books.

I am trying to look at this as a growth experience. As a parent this is just one of many ‘controlled releases’ into the world, until they ultimately become independent. School didn’t bother me though, partly because I’m a very involved parent, and partly because I loved school and believe they will too. I never went to daycare. I never rode the bus. I worry that Maybelle is too young for this and it will change her in a way that isn’t best for her. On top of it, it’s so much change at once – school for them, school for my husband, and me working out of the home and not as able to do for them what I usually can.

I know change isn’t always bad. I am actually pretty good with change myself – it’s when my kids are involved that I get nervous. Am I doing what is best for them? Am I doing my best for them? I have pretty close to 0% guilt as a mom. I am confident in my ability to be a good mom to my kids – it comes more easily than anything ever has and when it’s difficult; the struggles feel ‘real’ as opposed to some situations I encountered in Corporate America. I am 100% vested in the outcome.

I know my kids are resilient and flexible. I also know that this isn’t forever. I am encouraged by their excitement, and look forward to the satisfaction of ‘making it happen’ at work. I am going to have faith that this will work out for everyone.


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