Me Gusto (nervous townie edition)

I am in love with Grand Rapids. Nothing new there, except now the world is starting to notice my GR/GRaps/River City/Calder City too.  I have mixed emotions about this new recognition.  What is going to happen now? Will the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce finally stop laughing at the slogan I put in their suggestion box:  “Grand Rapids.  You could live somewhere else, but why?” Will people start moving here in droves?  Will my kids have bumper stickers on their cars that say “Grand Rapids Native”? Is this how Seattle and Denver felt before they were cool!?!

Well, I may just have to accept it.  Here is a recap of what the world learned this week – and what those of us who live here already know:

  • (Article) CNN asks what Detroit can learn from Grand Rapids.  This is akin to asking what the pride-of-the-family big brother who went to an Ivy League school can learn from his little brother who failed auto shop (but then started his own very successful business).
  • (Article) The US Chamber of Commerce named Grand Rapids the most sustainable mid-sized city in the nation.  I forget that “LEED Certified” isn’t something that happens everywhere, all the time – because it sure does here.
  • And a sure sign of a City Whose Time Has Come, a post about a really awesome group of West Michigan bloggers who had their third meet-up on Monday. This is a force to be reckoned with – watch out for them 🙂

What did other people find fascinating this week? Ask Mandi and the other Saturday Stumblers.

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3 responses to “Me Gusto (nervous townie edition)

  1. I love to read local blogs! Great links! Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL – I live in a city like that (not as big as GR) but people are always shocked that I’m a native … few & far between now:(

  3. This is great! I was in Grand Rapids once with my husband who was there for work. Then we drove to Saginaw to visit my extended family. Nothing against Saginaw, but having rarely ventured outside of that city, Grand Rapids was a HUGE breath of fresh air. I thought, “Is this Michigan?!”

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