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Things I Love Thursday

tiltI am a good sleeper.  I typically zonk out about 15 minutes after I hit the pillow.  I know I am lucky. Here’s where I’m unlucky:  I’m a very light sleeper, and if something wakes me up (Snoring, for example. Or our dog protecting us from squirrels threatening to steal our precious acorn supply) I have a hard time falling back to sleep. 

My brain mistakes this time for an opportunity to worry about every single stupid thing that has happened in the past 24 hours or so.  Things that my daytime brain completely misses become huge problems that can only be solved my me lying there in the dark and stressing out over them.

I recently picked up a box of Holy Basil Bija Tea at Harvest Health.  There is a very nice woman who works there, but she drives me crazy because she mispronounces the word ‘medicinal’.  She directed me to some tea that was on sale (that would be the Bija).  She thought I would like it because it had medicimal qualities. I thanked her, and asked her what kind of medicinal qualities it had.  It’s for relaxation, she said. And it’s medicimal

Last time I was in, she showed me some African honey that has medicimal qualities too. I said I thought it was better to eat local honey, because it has medicinal qualities that prevent allergies to local pollens? She said that’s true, but this African honey is more medicimal. This was immediately after A.P. had pulled the dispenser on the fair trade coffee and spilled expensive beans all over the floor.  She was very kind and understanding about it.  Possibly because fair trade coffee doesn’t have medicimal qualities. 

Where the heck was I? Oh yeah, the tea.  Anyway, I took my Holy Basil tea home and forgot about it.  Last week, I opened it up and drank a cup before bed. HOLY BASIL! I was knocked out about 20 minutes after I drank it, and stayed that way all night.  I thought it might have been a fluke, so I tried it again. And again. It worked.  I went back and bought 4 more boxes.

I have no idea why it has this effect on me.  I looked on the website and it said: 

For more than 5,000 years, Holy Basil (Tulsi) has been one of India’s most sacred herbs. One legend even holds that the Tulsi plant is the reincarnation of a goddess. Bija blends all three types of Tulsi – Krishna, Vana, and Rama with a touch of rooibos – into a single, rich-tasting tea.

Okee dokee.  Whatever it is, it works, and I love it. For more Things I Love Thursday (and a breast pump giveaway), head over to The Diaper Diaries.



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Get Ready for Mom’s Night Out!!

im_celebrating_nationa_moms_nite_outNationwide, different businesses are offering special deals for National Mom’s Night Out.  It’s coming up next week Thursday, so you can still hit the town with the girls, then be treated to some extra special Mom-Pampering on the weekend.  Or, if your husband is running in the Riverbank Run Saturday, you better have fun while you can ’cause he’ll be pooped by the time date-time rolls around.  That’s the voice of experience, ladies.

You can find out more on the National Mom’s Nite Out website here, but events are being added daily so check back.  I am still waiting for Founders to announce “free growlers of Dirty Bastard (it’s a beer!!) for Mom”, but no such luck yet.

I encourage you to sign up on the website – because I just now got an email with a quick survey from Ragu (I’m so excited I am living on the edge and not even spell-checking), and they are sending me a Ragu Meal Kit.  The email I got said “quantities are limited”, but they are sending me an 

easy-to-prepare pasta dish kit to your home so that you can rest assured that Dad and the kids will be well-fed!  Each Ragú Pasta Dish Kit will contain pasta and two jars of one of the new varieties of Ragú Old World Style® sauce: Sweet Tomato Basil and Margherita.

Sweet! Go sign up now!

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Ride To Read

OH WHAT A WEEK!!! It has been a really interesting TV-less journey.  I didn’t really anticipate how hard it would be to ‘get anything done’ without my video babysitter.  I think I got more out of this week than my kids did though.  Big newsflash for me:  my job is to parent my kids, not chit chat and look up everything that interests me (this is a pretty high volume) online that second

My house was a little messy, and my volunteer and blogging ‘duties’ suffered but you know what? It was the way it should be.  We read a million books, and – this is going to sound a smidge mushy – but I feel like I reconnected with my kids a little.  They are amazing and funny and creative and I don’t know if the TV kills that, or if it just decreases my opportunities to see it.

Enough about me.  Here is a little tasty tidbit for you about two of my favorites:  the library and the Rapid.  At a meeting last week, I was reminded about the Rapid’s Ride to Read program.  It provides free round trip bus passes to any of the Grand Rapids Public Library locations! You just have to ask at the desk, and they give you your ticket. 

I tried it out myself last week, and it’s easy and works just fine.  The librarian said you can request tickets once every 7 days.  My kids LOVE riding the bus, and with the construction downtown I appreciate not having to park.  Here is some more information if you’re interested.

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Workin’ for the Weekend

There is just a TON of stuff to do this weekend.  I hope it’s nice outside!  It’s only Wednesday – but you might need a few days to develop a plan to fit all of this goodness in.

John Ball Park Zoo is having it’s Party For the Planetevent Saturday from 10-3.  This is fun, and there are lots of different organizations and activites that come out for this.  It’s $3.50 for adults, and $3.00 for children.

Don’t forget that Dairy Discovery is having a Family Fun weekend this Saturday.  It’s $5.00 per person, or $20.00 max per family.

The following events are all free:

The Grand Rapids Public Library is having a ton of stuff for Earth Week that kicks off this weekend:

  • An indoor farmers’ and artisans’ market.
  • Re-shirt (take an old shirt, and make something new from it)
  • Slow food presentation
  • Movies: Who Killed the Electric Car? and Wall-e
  • Musicians
  • Bio-diesel workshop
  • Clothes exchange
  • Rain Garden tour
  • Green Cleaning

The East Grand Rapids Kent District Library is having a Green Fair on Saturday at 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM with some very cool activities planned.

Michaels is having “The Knack” crafting event Saturday rom 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  You can make these ‘spring critters’.

This requires a drive, but admission is free on Saturday to the Kalamazoo Nature Center in honor of Earth Day.  It’s not easy to get free admission here, I think Earth Day is the only free event.  You won’t be disappointed!

This last one is so unique, and I am so excited about it.  Rob Bliss, who brought the Zombie Walk and Giant Pillow Fight to Grand Rapids, 

Bliss plans to hand out 30,000 pieces of sidewalk chalk at Rosa Parks Circle…to see what collective creative energy will bring to the core city. He hopes the Sidewalk Chalk Flood will bring the most age diverse crowd to downtown Grand Rapids of all his prior social experiments that received…national television coverage on CBS News last fall.

 Coming soon on Big Binder:  summer camp info!

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On Books and Bowling

There are two totally unrelated events that I am not even going to try and tie into a cohesive post other than to say my children love books, and my children love bowling. And I love my children, so both of these are pretty exciting (How was that for a tie in? No? OK – movin’ on..).

First, the bowling.  At many bowling alleys across the country and locally at Fairlanes in Grandville, kids can bowl free all spring and summer, from April 15 to September 15.  The details are here. You have to sign up on the website and then you’ll get the coupons emailed to you after the program starts.  There is a fun pass thing they try to sell you – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘no thanks’ (if you aren’t interested in buying it, of course). You have to do this twice; then it takes you to the information about the bowling for free.

The second is “America’s Biggest Bedtime Story”.  On April 14, John Lithgow will be reading his book, “I Got Two Dogs” in a webcast that can be viewed here anytime after 10:00AM.  I haven’t heard this book, but my Dad got the kids a John Lithgow book called “Marsupial Sue” that is fantastic and I’m sure this one is too.

You can sign up for a reminder email.  If enough people tune in, Book It (the Pizza Hut reading program that gives out those free pizza coupons around this time of year) will give First Book a $10,000 donation to provide access to books for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have it.

So let John Lithgow read your kids a bedtime story tomorrow, then on Wednesday start bowling for free. I ask you; does life get any better than this?

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