Active Kids

We’re lucky to have so many opportunities for our kids to participate in our active community! All of the events below have some type of ‘kid’ portion, like a fun run or ride. Be sure to read the registration, age, and other guidelines carefully.

Saturday, April 17 St. Stephen’s Star Stride

Saturday, April 24 Calvin 5K Spring Classic 

Saturday, April 24 Grand Rapids Undy 5000

May 1 MomsBloom Out Came The Sun

Saturday, May 9 5/3 Riverbank Run

Saturday, June 12 Healthy Paws, Healthy Cause (your dog can participate too!)

Saturday, June 19 Until Journey’s End Trail Run (Cannonsburg)

Saturday, June 26 Reeds Lake Run

Saturday, July 3 Bostwick Lake Triathalon

Saturday, July 3 Buck Creek Run

Saturday, July 3, Caledonia Kilt Klassic 5K

Sunday, July 4, Reeds Lake Trailblazer (kids can ride bikes)

Saturday, July 10 Grand Cycling Classic

Saturday, July 31 Byron Center Run/Walk (there is a kids’ fun run, not on the site yet)

Saturday, August 7 Millenium Triathalon

Saturday, August 21 Mitchell’s Run Through Rockford (there is a 1K fun run, not on the website yet)

Saturday, August 21 Tour De Gaslight Village Criterium

Saturday, October 10 Harvest Hustle, Lowell (there is a fun run)

Sunday, October 17 Grand Rapids Marathon

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