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More Voting Goodies

Yesterday, I told you aboutfree coffee at Schuler Books when you show your “I Voted” sticker next Tuesday.  I’ve rounded up a couple more ideas for your post-voting munchies.

First, if you are lucky to enough to live near a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream shop, you can get a free scoop from 5-8 pm on Tuesday.  Check herefor details.   Continue on with that sugar rush and head over to Krispy Kreme for a free, star shaped donut with red, white and blue sprinkles for flashing your sticker.  Head over to their website to learn more.

And for those of you who are really, really lucky and live near a Chick-fil-A, many of the branches are giving away a free chicken sandwich.  Voting takes a lot of energy, you’ll need to replenish yourself before you go home and watch the elections unfold on TV all night!



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Will Vote For Coffee

No lectures about how important voting is, or commiserating about the end-of-campaign nastiness we’re all dealing with.  Nope, no comments whatsoever about how every time I pick up the phone, someone is begging me to vote for their candidate (or in the case of robo-calls; begging me to vote for themselves).  I will not even go into those informative and 100% truthful TV ads, or the piles of mail about this or that issue. No, I think this subject has been more than adequately covered in the blogosphere and every other media source we are exposed to. 

I have some good news for those of you in the Grand Rapids and Lansing areas.  I can’t guarantee you won’t wait in line for 3 hours next Tuesday to vote; but I can tell you that if you do (or even if you don’t), Schuler Books is hosting “Drink To Democracy”.  Show up at any location with your “I voted” sticker and they’ll give you a free cup of coffee.  I think it’s a perfect way to celebrate the end of this very long campaign season!


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Oohh! St. LOU!

As you probably know, my good friend and blogger 3inunder3 moved to St. Louis (April 23, 2007 but not like it left a giant wound or anything).  We went to visit her family last year, and I had the pleasure of meeting her cousin and blogger Why Are They Calling ME Mom

There is lots of fun bloggy news from St. Louis to tell you about.  They went to a ‘blogger mixer’ at Build A Bear (Build A Bear? Come here! There are tons of bloggers in Grand Rapids!) and now both of them are having contests you can enter!  If you win, you’ll get a Build A Bear gift certificate. Very cool.

Here is the link to 3inunder3’s contest.  And here is the link to Why Are They Calling ME Mom?‘s contest.  Good luck!

Also, there is a new Etsy store you will want to check out.  Brought to you by the very talented and creative Livvie Lee (who, incidentally, is also 3inunder3); you will find some very, very cool stuff here.  Really. Go browse around, I am sure you will find something you love.  Also, she is giving away a cute re-usable grocery bag on her blog to celebrate. Go on now, enter away right here!


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Menu Plan Monday

I actually have a plan this week! Dinner for the past few months has been more of a day-by-day affair.  Upon the suggestion of my aunt, and recommendation of a friend we have decided to try Angel Food Ministries.  It is a non-income based program that provides food at a very low cost.  We just picked our order up Saturday, so this week is definitely a trial run. 


Chicken Fajitas – from Angel Food.  They are marinated chicken breast strips wrapped in corn tortillas (also from Angel Food).  I’ll also make some Spanish Rice, and serve it all with raw carrots.


Meatball Sandwiches – I’m just going to heat up some meatballs (from Angel Food) and cut the top off of a loaf of bread and kind of carve it out.  Then, I’ll put the meatballs in it and pour some spaghetti sauce (Angel Food again) on it and bake it for about 15 minutes.  Then I’ll dump some shredded mozzarella on it, and bake for about 5 more.  I will also cook some frozen broccoli from – you guessed it.


Baked Potatoes – The kids and I have been loving baked potato dinners.  I just bake a few potatoes in foil, and serve with broccoli, cheese, bacon (if I have it around), and sour cream.  It’s filling and easy, and the kids like putting their own toppings on.


Coalition meeting – dinner is provided.  Yay!


Sloppy Joes – we are headed down to Kalamazoo for our annual Trick Or Treat party at Grandma’s.  I’m in charge of sloppy joes this year, so I am using a recipe from the cookbook sent to me by the nice people at Country Bob’s.  Click here for the recipe. Every recipe in the book makes my husband drool a little, and since there is a bible verse on many of the pages, it is truly his devotional.

Check out Laura’s Blog for more Menu Plan Monday.


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My Deepest Apologies

I have deleted this post.  It was about watching the movie “Fireproof” this weekend.  I said that I liked the plot, story line, and message of God being central in a marriage; but that the acting was very bad.  I also mentioned that my husband and I like the resources that are available to couples as a result of this movie.

Apparently this has offended some people.  Whether or not I like this movie is not really a big issue in my life; so I’ve decided just to remove the post and close the comments.



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Free Videos at Family Video

I just got an email from Family Video that says,

Thousands of movies from our floor racks rent free in store with no paid rental required from October 17 through November 17.

Truth be told, I haven’t ever been in a Family Video store that I remember.  I had to look at the store locator to see where one was.  Nothing like giving your product away to get me into a store – I’m going this weekend. Even if they aren’t new releases, I’m sure there is something we can find to watch for free.


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One of our Country Day Home School field trips was to Meijer Gardens which is in the midst of ColorFall. When we went, there was a kids tram running.  It’s like the regular tram, but with smaller seats and no old people.  It was $3 for adults and $1 for kids.  It was called a Tree-rific Tour, or something.  On each seat there was a tool kit and at each stop the kids were asked to pull a certain thing out of the it so they could talk about it.  For example, at the birch tree, there was a Popsicle stick because apparently Popsicle sticks are made out of birch wood.  I had no idea.  It was fun to see the entire sculpture park really open up for the kids, who never want to go past the Children’s Garden.

We’ve also been reading (and re-reading) some fall books.  They are all in our library; mostly from Scholastic book orders or warehouse sales.  Here’s the lineup:

  • Fall Leaf Project, Margaret McNamara.  Some kids box up leaves to send to under-leafed children in an undisclosed location; possibly the desert.  I like that it introduces the idea that there are different kinds of leaves from different trees, and what they look like.
  • Perfect Pumpkins, Jeff Bauer.  It’s the worlds shortest science textbook, complete with two page chapters and a glossary.
  • When The Leaf Blew In, Steve Metzger.  A family favorite; this was one of the first books A.P. memorized entirely learned to read.
  • Possum’s Harvest Moon, Anne Hunter. The classic “woe is me no one will come to my party. Oh wait! You all came after all!” childrens book, this time with Possum as the protagonist.
  • Apple Picking Day, Samantha Brooke.  What will that crazy Big Red Clifford get into next?
  • Plumply, Dumply Pumpkin, Mary Serfozo.  This is a really cute book about finding the perfect pumpkin to carve, and is another family favorite.

Other than waiting around for the Charlie Brown movie to come on TV in a few weeks, I don’t really have any ideas for the video (meaning, my husband’s) portion of Country Day Home School.  Any ideas out there?

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