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Mmmm… fishy!

tiltMy family’s (verrrrry slowwwww) journey to healthy eating has been a frequent topic on Big Binder.  I’ve been excited to share a recent find in this department with you all, but my husband has been laid off this week and cannot think of anything to do but 1) follow me around aimlessly/bug me and 2) spend hours on line. 

We have one car in the shop and one hobbling along until it can be repaired, so we haven’t gotten out much. I finally threw the family in the car that (kinda) runs, and dropped them off at the $2.50 Flick Movie Festival the other day with a $1.50 box of extremely healthy Ju-jubes or whatever they’re called from Rite Aid and had two hours of blissful quiet.

Back to the nutrition.  I am a fan of Kelly the Kitchen Kop, who I found on and later realized, hey! She lives around here! Kelly breaks down a lot of confusing and overwhelming nutrition information.  I wanted to get my family to start taking fermented cod liver oil like she recommends- but it wasn’t going over well.

At Harvest Health one day, the kids were  given a sample of Barleans Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement. A.P. went first. This is a kid who loves fish in any form so when he loved the taste, I was still skeptical. Maybelle HATES fish. Maybelle tried it. Maybelle liked it. I bought it.

I didn’t try it myself until we got home. It is very sweet, and the ‘dose’ is quite small. There is no fish taste whatsoever.  I have no idea if this is the nutritional equivalent of a Twinkie with flax seed sprinkled on it, but it makes me feel good. Therefore, I love it.

For more Things I Love Thursday, go here. For a free sample of Barleans, go here.


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Things To Do Thursday

I am not participating in Things I Love Thursday this week mainly due to the fact that two housebound days with two sick kids leaves me feeling not so love-y.

So I will press on, and look toward the weekend.  First on the agenda is the Lollipops Concert – Green Eggs and Ham.  This is a fantastic (and inexpensive) way to expose your kids to the symphony! More details are on the Calendar.

The Flick (was Dove) Family Film Festival begins tomorrow, so check the schedule and see if there is anything you want to see for cheap.  A link is on the calendar.

It’s Expo-mania this weekend.  The Forest Hills Community Expo, Rockford Community Expo, and Kids Expo are Saturday (links are on the Calendar).  Also, the 5th Annual – yes I have been to every single one – Camp & Summer Adventure Expo  is Saturday from 10:00AM-4:00PM at Centerpointe.  Admission is free, and it’s always fun to see what is offered around town for the summer.

Also on Saturday is the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre “Tales of Molly Malloy”,  there is more information in this blog post.

Sugarbush, the Maple Syrup festival at Blandford Nature center continues this weekend as well. Details are on the Calendar.

Sunday, the East Grand Rapids Library is having an “African Drums & Dance”.  This sounds noisy and fun.

There is a lot to enjoy this weekend. Have fun, and stay healthy!

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Molly MalaneyWay back 3 weeks ago when it was still winter, we drove to GRCC’s Ford Fieldhouse in a blizzard for the GRCC Family Matters Event.  The Grand Rapids Civic Theater folks were there, and handed out flyers announcing a free play.  This past weekend, and the next two weekends they present “The Tales of Molly Malloy“.  For free!

This is not to be confused with Molly Malaney, the Grand Rapids woman who was first runner up on the most recent Bachelor, but ended up winning because the actual winner couldn’t fulfill the duties of the crown. Or something, I’m still confused.  Come to think of it, “The Tales of Molly Malaney” might be fascinating.  Perhaps I could play the role of DeAnna! Yes, I can see it now.

I do anticipate that Miss Malaney will soon become a Big Binder reader, as The Bachelor has a 4 year old son.  So Molly, if you, or anyone else would like to take your kids to a play for free, check out the Civic. We’ll be there!


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It’s Thursday Already??

tiltThis week is really flying by.  I think I’ve done more this week then I have all month.  I’m trying to squeeze  it all in before next week, when my husband is laid off again.  You would think I would be more productive with him home, since he can watch the kids whenever I need it, but I get really lazy.  My husband is fun to talk to, and I just want to hang out and chat.

I had a ‘ grown up’ meeting earlier this week, and took the kids to a place called “Wee Play”.  It’s waaaaay over in Cascade, but worth a little drive.  It is a licensed daycare, but the maximum a child can stay is around 5 hours.  There is a huge shortage of drop off daycare in this town.  There is also a salon right in there, so you can also bring your kids and get a pedicure. Or, you can pay to stay and play with your kids. I have no idea why anyone would do that, but it is a nice play area.  C’mon now, it is Cascade.

They are having some specials right now, I think through the end of March.  There is no application fee, and if you look on their website there is a coupon for a free hour.  Also, there are ‘package deals’ where you buy so many hours, then have 6 months to use them.  Kind of like the tanning salon. The more hours you buy, the less expensive it is.

The website is kind of a pain in the butt, but it’s here.   This is definitely a thumb’s up from me, and my kids.  For more Things I Love Thursday, go here.


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Dino Review

Yesterday, (Tuesday actually – I had posting issues last night when I wrote this) AP and I headed down to the “Kindergarten Here I Come” event at the public museum.  I blogged about this a little before in this post.  It was an event put on by Grand Rapids Public Schools for incoming Kindergartners. We got there VERY early, and decided to  walk over to the Amway GrandBeing accustomed to fine accomodations, A.P. was only moderately impressed. 

We got a snack at GP Sports, where I realized that despite 5 years of my best efforts; my son is a jock.  There are about 50 TVs in there with showing about 30 different sporting events. Our conversation was as follows:

Me: So! Are you excited to see the Dinosaur Exhibit?

A.P.: Aw, DUDE! That’s got to hurt.

Me: What in the world are you talking about?


Me: (Trying to reel him back in): So! What’s your favorite sport?

A.P.: (Absently) All of ’em. OH DUDE! Look at THAT!

I gave up and called my friend, and then texted my husband for a while until it was Dino-time. Note to A.P.’s future girlfriend – a sports bar is not a good date location for this particular boy.

Back at the museum, we chatted with people from the different schools.  I made myself approach it with an open mind, even though I am a big supporter of charter schools, Young Fives programs and half day kindergarten which is not a super popular stance among this crowd. I’ll just say this:  we are very lucky to have gotten into the school we are in, and are staying put.

The Dino Exhibit was “Sweet! Dude! Look at that!”.  Definitely worth the extra couple of bucks to get in (although we were fortunate to be able to see it for free last night).  I was surprised that the giant, moving dinosaurs weren’t more of a draw.  A.P. was most impressed with a this kind of 3D puzzle thing, where you put the dinosaur back together and have to figure out what bones go where. 

It was a fun time with my favorite little jock.  Next week I have a ‘date’ with Maybelle.  We are going to see the Butterflies at Meijer Gardens.  I am already starting to hyperventilate a little. You might recall that I am not much of a fan.  Need a fun even to do with your kid(s)? Head over to the calendar, March is looking good!

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Iron Woman!

I thought for a minute there that I was getting old.  For the past several months I have been very, very tired.  I have also had headaches alot which I attributed to needing new contacts. 

Fortunately, rather than (or in addition to anyway) ‘old age’, it turns out I have ridiculously low iron.  I think it’s because my blood-test crazed doctor keeps taking blood out of my arm, but she assures me no; it’s something else.  And while a steak with a spinach salad isn’t going to hurt me, my ‘iron deficit’ needs to be figured out and fixed.

I got me some prescription-strength iron pills and I am fixin’ to get a scope shoved into every orifice I will allow and for the ones I won’t.. well, that’s what sedation is for.

So that’s where I’ve been for the past week, getting stabbed in the arm repeatedly and resting up. The iron is kicking in and I actually feel fantastic. Weird as this sounds, my headaches have gone away and I swear my vision is better too. Poor little red blood cells! Sorry guys, I thought you were just getting geriatric.

And here it is, a week into a new month and here you are with last month’s calendar. Tsk, tsk Big Binder.  I’ll be updating the calendar page right over the next few days to update with all of the goodies I’ve found.

One thing in particular to note is that the Dove Film Festival is now “Flick’s Family Film Festival“, but it’s the same deal.  The lineup looks OK-ish.  It’s about as full of wholesome goodness as it was when Bratz was offered up as a ‘family friendly’ film.

Check back over the next few days for more updates!

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