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Goin’ Fishin’

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My brother and I are the same age. Actually, he is about six weeks older than I am. We are not freak-of-nature twins, in fact, we don’t look anything alike. That’s because he is adopted.  I don’t see him very often, because he moved away right after high school to become a fishing guide in Alaska.

When I do see him, Maybelle is scared of him. He looks like a fishing guide in Alaska, if fishing guides in Alaska were half Cambodian, very tall, and with long hair.  He sort of has this mountain-man presence. And he is all fishing, all the time.

He has always been that way. He actually skipped school to go fishing when he was little. Once, he fell down a bank, cut his head open bad, and didn’t come home because “the fish were biting. There were always ‘spawn bags’ (so gross) in the freezer growing up, and I watched more Carp get carved up and become egg donors to bait other fish than any one person probably should.

Maybe it’s because he survived by fishing in Viet Nam before coming over on the U.S. to be adopted, or maybe it’s just in his blood. Even if my kids aren’t biologically related to him, I still believe in a sense of destiny with this. A.P. loves to eat fish as much as his Uncle Kyle loves to catch them, and I think it’s time to take him fishing.

Maybelle doesn’t like to eat fish, but I still think she will enjoy fishing.  I hope having this in common with my brother will make her less afraid of him. I don’t even know where to begin with this, so I’ve been poking around a little to figure out just how to cultivate our new hobby.

  • I found a website called “Fishy Kid” with advice and suggestions about taking kids fishing  There is even a contest, which I think is awesome because I can’t wait to take a picture of Maybelle with a little bluegill she caught.
  • June 12 and 13 are part of the Free Fishing Weekend in Michigan. Check out the Calendar for more information, or with your state’s Department of Natural Resources because this is going on in many states.
  • In Grand Rapids, June 16, 23, 20 and July 7 are Free Fishing Days at Versluis Lake. Check out the Calendar for details. 
  • On June 29 kids can practice bating hooks and casting in Ada Park. Details are on the Calendar.
  • If there is a day we can’t fish, we can always check out the Fish Ladder downtown.
  • And because I can’t let a chance to create a theme get past me, I found this website, complete with online fishing games, and I’m certain some gummy fish/jello creations are in our near future.

Go check out We Are THAT Family for more things to do when your kids say, “Mom – I’m bored!”

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