Well, Michigan Week Isn’t Going To Celebrate Itself, So…

I was digging through some stuff on my desk, and found a few things I had set aside to celebrate “Michigan Week”. Yes, as a matter of fact I do really celebrate Michigan Week. Apparently that is more radical than I realized. 

I had coloring books, activity sheets – stuff that was starting to form a nice little theme.  I also bookmarked a “Michigan Week” website and made a mental note to myself to make Michigan cookies too. Because of course, I have a  Michigan-shaped cookie cutter.

I kept checking back to the link as the date got closer, and nothing. Still “Michigan Week 2009” every time I looked. Then the website was suddenly updated, and announcing Michigan Week had met is death with the budget cuts.  How can a state kill its own week? Ladies and Gentlemen, Big Binder Readers, and the Committee To Kill Michigan Week;  I am not going to take this lying down. 

I’m going to celebrate Michigan Week, Big Binder Style.

The Michigan Week Death Notice website is very snively. Yes, snively is too a word.  Something about “wah-wah we don’t have any money we can’t have a party”. We haven’t had any money since we’ve had kids, and we still have parties. You just ask everyone to bring something. So that’s what I’m going to do. 

I am declaring Michigan Week as May 23-30 and inviting you to join me.  Just like my potlucks, you can bring whatever you’d like; it’s pretty open.  Kids will be running everywhere, some people will be drinking wine and some will be drinking pop. Sorry soda, I do need to insist on that term; given the nature of the party.

Have you written a post about Michigan? Link it up – even if you wrote it long ago, back in the olden days when there actually was a Michigan Week. If you don’t live in Michigan, you can leave a comment about your perceptions of it, or a memory if you have visited. My parties get pretty interesting and there are always diverse views discussed politely. I’m sure it will be the same way here. I’ll even Tweet your link, Facebook Like your page, and follow your RSS feed if you participate. Pretty sweet.

Like a good hostess, I’ll get the conversation started.

  • The state capital is Lansing (not Detroit. I know you thought it was Detroit. Everyone thinks that).
  • The state motto is “Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice”, which is Latin for “If you Seek a Pleasant Peninsula, Look About You.” I learned this in elementary school. I did not understand it English or Latin until high school.
  • The state bird is the Robin.
  • The state fish is Brook Trout.
  • The state fish is delicious.
  • Michigan produces 70 to 75 percent of the tart cherries grown in the United States.
  • I am obsessed with cherries.
  • The five Great Lakes contain the largest supply of fresh water on earth; 20% of the earth’s total fresh water. Only the polar ice caps contain more fresh water.
  • Michigan is shaped like a mitten, and we hold up our hand and point to our city’s location. That really happens.

OK. Now it’s your turn. Write up a post and link it up. Leave a comment. Let’s show our poor state some love this week.

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20 responses to “Well, Michigan Week Isn’t Going To Celebrate Itself, So…

  1. Amy

    I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve stopped by. Your posts cheer me up every time! If I lived in Michigan I would take advantage of all the lakes, small bookstores (one highlighted in this Sunday’s NYT) and read your blog for more tips on what to see and do!

    • I’ve missed you madly! I thought you weren’t blogging anymore? Looks like I have some catching up to do…
      Thank you so much. I am so smiley to hear from you.

  2. Hey! Good luck with Michigan Week…I know nothing about Michigan except what I just read. 🙂 I am from the south, so I do feel I need to throw in a 3rd term, Coke, that covers all pop/sodas. In TX you just say “How about a Coke,” and everybody says, “Yea, I’ll take Dr. Pepper.” No prob.

    Talk later-

    Emily 🙂

  3. Ugh, you just reminded me that I totally forgot about our ‘Michigan Week BBQ’ here in Grandville last week. We had a softball game the same night, but I wanted to try to get to at least part of it. Sigh.

    I’m linking to a post that I wrote a long time ago, but I think everything still as relevant now as it was then. 🙂

  4. I included a post (don’t see it showing up yet though) about Dave Ramsey & Real Food and toward the bottom is a video where he’s interviewed by TV 8 and he talks about Michigan and the economy. I love how he basically says that it’s not as bad as the press makes it out to be. 🙂


  5. I just wrote a new post about my favorite Michigan places. If nothing else, maybe we can have a grass-roots effort to help the economy through tourism a little more! 🙂

    It was great meeting you this past weekend!

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  7. Yay Michigan! My family moved away when I was 8, but we go back frequently and are contemplating a camping trip to one lake or another (there’s just so few to choose from…) for this summer. 😀

  8. I had no idea that there was a Michigan Week. I will have to go back and look if I’ve got anything fun to repost or invent :).

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  10. We’ve taken our lumps, but us Michiganders are a hearty lot. . . and most of us like any excuse for a party, too!! What better way to Celebrate Michigan than to support each other, by patronizing the self-sufficient and industrious people who make their living and livelihoods here in the Wolverine State?? Michigan-made.com is dedicated to helping Michigan entrepreneurs — small businesses, artisans and cottage industries — bring their goods to market. ONLY items made in Michigan are available at this site. Check it out!

  11. Jen,
    I linked up (late) my apple orchard post from last fall. When you use this kind of linky that doesn’t show the links right in the site, you might consider making a note of that for your readers, like “You have to click on the linky tab to see the links,” or something, just because the linky only says “click here to ADD a link,” not to READ the links. ?? It’s kind of a weird linky – maybe try Simply Linked? A lot of folks have good things to say about that one.

    Anywho – what a fun idea, and your voice in this post is super fun. 🙂 Katie

  12. Katie, those pictures are so fun to look at! My kids inexplicably wanted to bob for apples yesterday (I let them…)
    Thank you for linking up AND for your advice which, as always, is golden (delicious).

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