Another way to day camp

So let’s see.  We’ve looked at Vacation Bible Schools in Grand Rapids. Thanks to Kristen, Kelli, Nicol, Sonshine, and E for the additions – keep ’em coming! There are several churches that don’t have the information on their websites, but have offered VBS in the past so I will check on those and link up when it’s available.

Again, I do not think summer should be expensive.  The next place we can look for fun isn’t free, but it’s less expensive than most camps.  What do I have against summer camp? They are run by fine organizations, some are non-profits even.  Your kids will be entertained by the programming. They will be out of your hair for a few hours.  These are all good things – but I’d rather send my kids to a few different things than one expensive camp. 

It takes a little more work – but I have pulled together a list of links that will make it a lot easier.  A day camp costs about $180 a week.  Community Ed and Parks and Rec programs are about $75.  If you take an hour to go through the websites below, you have saved $105.  Not bad for an hour. Nice job, you! 

Did I miss your city or township or village? Go ahead and represent! Send me a link to bigbinder (dot) gmail (dot) com and I’ll add it to this post; which will be filed under “Summer In The City” for quick reference.

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5 responses to “Another way to day camp

  1. Grandville’s summer programs can be found here: They have Summer Quest classes (which aren’t cheap) but also a free supervised playground program which we take plenty of advantage of every summer. 🙂

  2. Great ideas for sending a child to day camp on a budget. Thanks for the post.

  3. Karen Lay

    Hey Big Binder,
    Here’s another fun opportunity–kind of VBS with a twist. Kids Games offers tracks for kids to learn a little more in an area of interest from sports to hobbies to academics.

    Also, here is a link for Byron Center Township Summer Rec.

    Thanks for gathering these resources!


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