7 responses to “Freedom Versus Annoyance

  1. I can kind of see her point if the government is the one putting it on. But people should be free to do it themselves, led by churches or religous groups. And also they should not get mad if Muslims want to pray too.

  2. This post made me laugh out loud! loved it when you said “That drives me NUTS! But alas, nothing unconstitutional or Biblical about it.” so so true.

    I agree with you though – a national day of prayer is not unconstitutional. I read something recently that said that separation of church and state was meant to keep the government out of religoius (i.e. a national established religion), not religion out of the government. does that make sense? The book said it better.

  3. @Wendy I completely agree with you about other religions being involved, and I think that’s an issue that needs to be discussed. I didn’t want a super long post though 🙂

  4. I also wanted to use this to highlight that the Constitution doesn’t say “There shall be a separation of Church and State”, which people think is true – it’s not. It just says it can’t establish a State religion, or interfere with religious practices.

  5. You were one of my favorite people before this post. Now you have rocketed even higher on that list. You=brilliant

  6. E

    My foundation is the:

    Foundation for the Freedom from People Who Feel They Don’t Need to Use Their Turn Signals. Ever.

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