Active Kids Update

I have very active kids. Sometimes I wish they were a little more content to be still and know that I am Mom – but it’s just not their way.  They are simply very busy.  In an effort to brace myself for summer, I have added a whole BUNCH of events to the Active Kids Page (click on “Active Kids” up on top). 

There are a lot of 5K walks that allow strollers.  A.P. wheeled through a few when he was a baby.  The ones I’ve listed are runs or races that have a “kids’ event”.  I will continue to add to this page, but if you’ve only checked it once you will want to look at it again because there is a lot there that wasn’t before.  Get a few of these dates on the books, and get those kids out there!

I am also adding some May and June activities to the Calendar.  As usual, they are cheap, free or just different.  There is enough to do, and it’s Grand Rapids, home of Meijer. Why Pay More?

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