Tasty Tuesday Round Up

The Grand Rapids Press had a Guide to Ethnic restaurants a little while back.  I was curious how many we had been to, and I thought you might enjoy reading about our experiences.  While the article inexplicably left out the ten gazillion really good Mexican restaurants in town, it was a good little kick in the pants to set some ethnic dining goals for this summer. 

For the first time in a really long time, we’ll be in town for Festival.  Those of you not in Grand Rapids might not understand why an Art Festival has a bunch of ethnic food stands.  Actually, those of us in Grand Rapids don’t really understand either, but we know what we need to know – and that is to shut our fool mouths and not question deliciousness.   It’s like if Epcot had a ‘foods on a stick from around the world’ exhibit.  Awesome.

Now that the kids are a little older I will be able to not only force them to eat funky foods, I can finally use my Anthropology major for something and educate them about the cultures the foods come from. If you are feeling mildly sorry for my kids – you are not alone.  I’m one stop shopping for all of your Dorky Mom needs. 

Here’s the list:

Do your kids like to try foods from other cultures? How do they react? I’m so curious – do tell!

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4 responses to “Tasty Tuesday Round Up

  1. Jodi

    My kids are being adventurous if they eat sauce on thier noodles…I hope the youngest are more willing to try things! I think they got the picky eating from thier dad…which I think really does happen.

  2. Well, I don’t have kids, but when I was dating I would “test” out future boyfriends by suggesting that we go to an ethnic restaurant, and see if they were adventurous or not. My and DH’s first date was at Bombay Cuisine, so he passed!

    I’ve been to Little Africa (OK, I was with a big group and we unexpectedly showed up so it wasn’t their fault)

    Bombay (yes!), Palace of India (only OK), Kobe, Seoul Garden (awesome – we go there for work all the time), Marie Catrib’s (great but expect a line), San Chez (overrated, I think) and . . . we go to Bangkok Taste in Jenison at least once or twice a week.

  3. My husband is oddly obsessed with Soc Trang. But I can’t believe I have been to an ethnic restaurant you haven’t. I highly recommend La Crave. Good food, very affordable and we were the only caucasians in there which makes for a nice educational lesson.

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