Me Gusto!

Here are some things that really got into my brain this week:

See what other fine, well-rounded folks are into at It’s Come 2 This.

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4 responses to “Me Gusto!

  1. YAY! You joined in!! How fun for those kids to have shut the streets down! Crazy!! And I recorded Food Inc. I’m only about 30 mins into but plan to finish it tonight. WOW!

    Thanks again for linking up:)

  2. Loved your comment on Jodi Michelle’s post about faith. I am more comfortable swearing than quoting scripture too! I think people will judge me less. Is that silly or what? Great post!

  3. hey hey! thanks for the link up love 🙂 as well as your words and comments.

    being so honest is always good for me, but never easy.


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