The Heritage

Is it possible? Have I really never blogged about my favorite restaurant? For shame.  Sorry, favorite restaurant.  We are going as a family tomorrow night for the first time.  Sometimes I really miss the coziness of the ‘baby stage’ of life; but this is one of those things my husband have looked forward to our kids being old enough to do.  Like Disney, only (slightly) cheaper. 

Grand Rapids is ridiculously fortunate in the restaurant category.  We might be a little chubby, but we have a lot of good food here so cut us some slack.  There is no threat of a shortage either, since the Secchia Institute at Grand Rapids Community College keeps cranking out award winning chefs.  One of the instructors is Angus Campbell; who even has his own TV show.  You can have Paula Deen and Rachel Ray – I will take Angus any day of the week. 

Those fine students have to practice on someone, and I am more than happy to be a guinea pig at The Heritage Restaurant.  Note to vegetarians – they do not actually serve guinea pig; but they do have some incredible vegan dishes.  The food is interesting, and different, and expertly prepared.  In a ‘real’ restaurant (not affiliated with a school) the prices would be about three times what you pay here. 

The servers are actually culinary students, so they might not be as smooth as you have had at a fine dining place but for me it is an advantage.  I keep them at my table for way too long asking questions and they are thrilled to be able to tell me all about the funky ingredients and preparation techniques.  I am getting horribly distracted by the menu and may never finish this post if I don’t just choose a few items, so let me tell you what I would like to try tomorrow. 

For an appetizer, the Crispy Duck Ravioli: “stuffed with duck confit, caramelized onions, dried cherries; served with tangerine sauce and orange marmalade.” 

I want the kids to try The Rock: “thin slices of beef strip steak in a soy, garlic, and ginger sauce grilled at your table on a very hot rock.” 

I also want to try the Duet of Asparagus Salad: “marinated and grilled green and white asparagus with fried quail egg and toasted pinenuts; served with asparagus soup and lemon mascarpone cream” because I just want to have eaten a fried quail egg. 


I’m stuffed by the time the entree gets there, so I try and find a good take home option. They wrap the leftovers in little swan shaped tinfoil packages. It’s so cute. 

I think I’ll go with Choucroute Garni: “grilled country pork chop braised in a clay pot with sauerkraut, dark beer, slab bacon and house-made sausage”  ’cause I have never eaten out of a clay pot before plus beer and bacon in the same place is just awesome. 

The deserts are not on the menu because they change, but they are all amazing.  And I should know, because I don’t care if I have to be wheeled out on some kind of cart; I am going to eat desert.  The servers are great at suggesting wine pairings because they know so much about food and what tastes compliment each other.  If you don’t live in Grand Rapids, look for some sort of culinary institute around you.  If there aren’t any – ROAD TRIP!  I love the Heritage and you will too.  For more Things I Love Thursday, head over to the Diaper Diaries




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9 responses to “The Heritage

  1. E

    we definitely need to go back to The Heritage. And thanks for the reminder about Art and Bev’s… haven’t been there yet!

  2. Oooooh – this sounds like a GREAT place. I have several uncles who visit Grand Rapids often – I’ll have to find out if they’ve ever eaten at The Heritage… The Duet of Asparagus just sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing this today!

  3. Oh, what the heck, I am so mad at you for making me drool at my computer here! That is SO awesome! I can’t pronouce it, but I really want this “Choucroute Garni”. MI is just a little bit too far for a road trip for us (PA)….

  4. Thank you for leaving a comment on Sandy’s Spot! I have never heard of your blog before- I love it! I’ll definately be back for some reading. I think our boys are the same age too. 🙂

  5. Kim

    You silly girl. You mention two great places for me to try downtown GR and they are about to close for the season. I work at the downtown campus of Grand Valley and can’ t wait to try both The Heritage and Art & Bev’s restaurants out. Yummy. Thanks for the great reviews and recommendations.

  6. Breaking News!! We were at the Heritage tonight and they are going to be open for summer classes. Um, YUM!

  7. I’ve lived in or near Grand Rapids for almost 13 years, and haven’t been to The Heritage yet. We’ve got to go there. Sounds fantastic.

  8. My hubby RAVES about the Mock Eel. Seriously, he talks about it all the time.

    • It’s like candy, my kids dug it and I’m sure yours would too. They ate it with chopsticks – a very proud moment for me 🙂

      They totally loved “the rock”, and we had one of the desserts they prepare tableside with a flaming pot and everything – they talked about the meal the whole day today.

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