Art & Bev

We fired up Tasty Tuesday again today.  Remember Tasty Tuesday? Long ago, I used to drag my kids out to lunch once a week.  That was before I had two kids in two different schools most days; and before A.P. ate a ‘real person’s’ lunch instead of split one with his baby sister who barely ate anything.  Here is an example of one of our adventures.

It’s been a long time since we have been able to make it to Art and Bev, but we went today.  It’s on the campus of GRCC and there is nothing not to love.  It is inexpensive, yummy, and overstaffed (in a good way) by really nice people.  I am a meanie for teasing you all; because it is only open for another week or two before closing all summer. 

If this joint was a singer, it would be wearing sweatpants.  It’s casual. But, it would sing everything from nursery rhymes to opera – the range of food you can get is huge. I got some kind of spinach and artichoke pizza thing that was delicious – for $4.00.  Maybelle went with the ham and turkey sandwich on a pretzel bun which was also $4.00.  In an uncharacteristically boring food choice move, A.P. went with the hot dog and fries.  That was $3.25. 

The trash situation was a little confusing, but awesome.  The yellow trash can is for food and paper products; and the red can is for plastic stuff.  Why? Because they compost! The paper products are made from materials that will break down, so there is very little waste.  There is still plenty of spring break left if you want to head down there.  It’s only open from 10-1, so plan accordingly.


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