Sharing Science and Nature With Young Children

 Great Start is hosting a really neat program next week you need to know about.  As you might already know, Great Start is a local organization that works to promote services to young children in Kent County.  It also offers parents a chance to learn about very useful, tangible, ‘take home’ ideas to use with their kids.  I’ve learned about physical literacy, effects of media on children, nutrition, the importance of keeping records for school, and a ton more.

It called “Sharing Science and Nature With Young Children“, and will be held March 25 from 6:00-8:30 p.m. at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church/Hill Child Development Center 250 Commerce Ave SW. 

Come and see a demonstration of how to help young children learn simple science/nature concepts by blending literature, manipulatives, puppets, art activities and resources from nature. There will also be a time to investigate and participate in a make-and-take activity. 

The meetings are free, and they provide dinner and childcare.  Check out the website for more information. You do have to sign up and I’ve talked to lots of folks who are going, so call and get a space quickly.  The number to RSVP is 632-1007.  See you there!



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