Spring Break 2010

Time to round up the Spring Break happenings and make some plans.  For those of us sticking around town, let’s use this as a little test-run for summer vacation, when the kids are home.  All the time.  Every single day. That is, unless we plan for them to have tons of enriching, educational experiences.  Or get out of our hair a minute.  Either way is fine.  And because those of us not going on vacation are probably not sticking around because we have so much cash we just cannot figure out how to spend it; I’m talkin’ about free or crazy cheap.

  • If you want to jump right into it that weekend; on Saturday, April 3 the Home Depot Kids Workshop project is a butterfly house.  Not a big fan of butterflies and I prefer they live far away from me, but go for it.  From there, cruise over to  Michael’s, where kids can decorate a pail for Easter Egg Hunts. 
  • So we already know about the Grand Rapids Ballet performance.  If not; click on the link to read more.  Performances are all week. This requires tickets; so be sure to get ahold of some if you plan on going.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakuel will be the featured Flick Film Festival during spring break. 12 and below are free and it’s $3.50 for everyone else.
  • The Grand Rapids Public Library will have a “Spring Break With Fun Geodes” program at most of it’s branches; check the website for the time and date nearest you.  I didn’t see any spring break-specific stuff at Kent District Library, but there are the normal storytimes.
  • This doesn’t really fit into my ‘crazy cheap’ guideline; how about just ‘crazy cool’?  The Kent County Humane Society is having a Spring Break Mini-Camp for kids in grade K-5 on April 7-9.  It’s $35 per ‘camper’. 
  • Grand Rapids Tightwad just posted about a “Week of Cheap Fun” and recommended hitting the Grand Rapids Public Museum on Monday.  Admission is free for Grand Rapids residents – and they do check your ID.  They checked mine anyway, but maybe I just look sketchey.  If you choose to check out the Bug exhibit, you’ll pay $3 extra for that.  I took Maybelle last week, and it was cool but not mind blowing.  To me anyway.  Digging for the 7 stages of a grub worm’s life-cycle in a box of oatmeal really rocked her world.
  • On Tuesday, print off one of these activity guides and head over to the GRAM.  It’s cool.  And free for everyone on Tuesday afternoons.  If you went to another city for Spring Break, and you saw a nice museum like the GRAM that was free on Tuesdays, you would totally go and think it was cool.  Maybe get a rental car for the day if you need to feel like you are from out of town. 
  • Mrs. Betty Ford’s birthday will be celebrated at the Ford Museum on Thursday, April 8.  The museum is free and there is “cake for the first 750 visitors”.  I am totally going because I want to see a cake that will feed 750 people.  And be enriched and whatnot.
  • The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum has it’s Thursday Night $1.50 deal but oh my CROWD – I think I will pass on this.  Maybe we’ll go the week before just to get it out of our system.
  • On Saturday SwissLane Farms has a Dairy Discovery Day.  It’s been a long time since we’ve been there and I’m itchin’ to get back!  There is also a Lowes Build and Grow Workshop that day; kids can build a mini-baseball game. 

Seeking cultural enrichment makes me hungry. Fortunately, GRCC’s spring break already happened.  This means we can partake in yummy, inexpensive food from  Art & Bev’s,  or yummy, more expensive (but still an awesome value) from The Heritage, both on the campus of GRCC and are open Tuesday through Friday during lunch hours.  Neither are open during the summer; in fact they both close mid-April so now is the time!

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