Psst – I Know Why You’re Tired

OK Mami, let’s talk.  Let’s talk about that run-down feeling we get.  Let’s talk about how discouraging it can be to coordinate school schedules and tap class and soccer and making dinner and emptying the dishwasher and sending that birthday card out and cutting out coupons and taking the stuff on the back porch to Goodwill and cleaning the toilet.  Let’s talk about trying to get the right amount of sleep and exercise and finding the right system to keep everything organized.  It’s hard because it’s impossible – but frustrating because it’s required.

The world is no help.  It’s always telling you about something you should be doing, or becoming more aware of.  In like a lion out like a lamb my butt. March is: Dental Health Month, Parenting Awareness Month, Red Cross Month, Organ Donation Month, National Nutrition Month, and Reading Month.    March 7-13 is National Sleep Awareness Week.  The Fourth Tuesday in March is Diabetes Alert Day.  It’s exhausting.

And well-meaning as your family is, I firmly believe that once in a while you have got to get away from these people.  Girls’ night and going out to coffee are great but not nearly long enough.  I didn’t understand that I could ‘get away’ with going away until I discovered the secret:  come back happy and relaxed.  That part is easy.  It takes about 12 hours for your brain to realize that no one is going to ask you for anything except your dinner order and if you want a pizza with mushrooms and onions go for it because no one is going to make a frownie-face or fling them off with disgust.  Take as much time as you want in the knick-knack store because that kid over there shaking the snow globes is not yours.

I go away for one weekend a year, usually to Traverse City.  I love TC and I think it loves me right back.  It’s the Cherry Capital of the World.  It has a fun downtown.  It’s on the water.  Fashion-wise, I fit in perfectly.  Everyone is wearing some version of the fetching little number called, “Why Bother – It’s Going To Get Mud On It”.  Dogs are everywhere.  I meander, and chat with people who seem interesting, and drink fancy coffee.  I sleep late, and hog the whole bed. I write and think and pray and nap. It’s two straight days of pure lovely.

That’s what I love – getting away. And coming back to the same lists and chores and plans and campaigns – but they look much smaller when I return.  For more Things I Love Thursday, go have a visit with The Diaper Diaries.


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  1. I already like you. A lot. Great words.

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