Grand Rapids Ballet

Spring Break is coming, which means that spring is coming, which is very good news, no? I think we can all agree on that.  It was so (relatively) warm I decided to take my running show on the road this morning.  It’s waaaay different out there -what with the birds, and the trees. And the curbs, and the hills.  I took my poor cooped up dog, too.  She added nothing to the experience.  Mid way through she decided to stop for a potty break, of course, and I had a little baggie in my sweatshirt, of course.  I tried to tie it to her leash because – gross.  That didn’t work, it just fell off and made a bigger mess.

Meanwhile I wondered what people driving by me in cars thought.  Maybe they thought I was too slow.  Maybe they would shout something mean to me out the window.  But this time, I had a bag with dog poop with Meanie-Meanface’s name on it.   I was almost disappointed when I found a trash can.

Let me get back to where I started.  It’s much more high brow, I promise.  There will be more spring break info coming soon, but I got in contact with the Grand Rapids Ballet earlier this week, and found out that tickets to their special spring break show, Every Princess Ballerina Needs a Superhero Dancer, are flying off the shelves.  Or out of the drawer. Or wherever tickets fly from.

It’s a brand new ballet for children with 30 minute performances through the entire week of April 5-9.  Tickets are $5 per person and include pre-show activities and a take-home goodie bag with an art project and some offerings from local businesses.  Daily performances at 11:30 am, with pre-show activities at 11:00 am. Additional performances Wednesday and Friday at 1:30 pm, with pre-show activities at 1:00 pm. Call the Ballet Box Office at 616.454.4771 x.10. The Peter Martin Wege Theatre is located at 341 Ellsworth SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Cultural activities are good.  They make up for the times when your kids watch Sponge Bob for three hours while you finish up your book club book, or when they get the crazy idea to throw a bag of dog poo at someone.  Take advantage of this one.  I did 🙂


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5 responses to “Grand Rapids Ballet

  1. Just ordered and when they asked where I heard about it I was all “Big Binder Blog. She’s AWESOME!!”

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  3. Kelly

    Can I ask what is probably a silly question? Do you think there will be many boys there?

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