10 responses to “I’m Not Tryin’ To Hear That

  1. Nicol

    Is this a joke because Iwant to hurt them. Seriously??????!!!!

  2. E

    Sheesh, people, get a new hobby. Or pick on someone your own age. Or just go outside and beat each other up.

  3. JoMama

    Listen it’s just like anything in life, people are put in places and intermingle in our lives. You will, unfortunately remember “the jerks at the gym that one time” but they won’t probably remember you or the impact they had on you. Like my grandmother says “It’s the devil working within them”. I believe she is right, but you passed that test and are now a stronger person because of it! You are awsome and steady and insipring to me…if it was not for you I would have quit a long time ago! I just want you to know if this doesn’t make you feel better I will take out their kneecaps…we’ll see how fast they can run then!

  4. Char

    Now see if it were me, I probably would have gotten off the treadmill and started swinging to see how fast they could run. Then again, I might have some anger issues.

    Your daughter is right though…she must have learned that from some very wise adults! I always find it amazing to learn teachable moments from our children…they really do pay attention!

  5. Dang that song is a major blast from the past!! Anywho, what the??? I am always shocked that people have nothing better to do with their time then be rude.

  6. Children are our little reminders everyday of how to live real and honestly. I totally get what you are saying about running. I started a year ago with some girls a few years younger than myself. They are training for the River Bank Run and I am just trying to keep up with running 3 miles without dying a year later. Luckily, life is not a contest or a race and I believe with all my heart in a little thing called karma. Last year I couldn’t run 3 miles without dying inside. I won’t be doing the River Bank, but I can run 3 miles for the first time in my life so I keep running. Keep it up and whenever you need a reminder you know where to go.

  7. Chantelle

    Seriously? I am speechless.

    Lauren is an observant and mindful soul like her mum. 🙂 Proud of you that you didn’t let them get the best of you, we all know how strong and fiesty you are Jen! Keep up “your” workout you are doign a great job. And don’t let anyone take away what makes you feel good. You rock!

  8. How horrible! They must really have problems with themselves to have to do that to someone.

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  10. I have so many things to say, I’ll try to get it all out…

    First, I love that song. Anything ghetto rap with some serious base is perfect for running.

    Next, don’t ever let someone steal your joy of running. Mean people suck and they suck no matter what you’re doing. It’s just like the old people who honk their horns and scowl at me as I run down the road. I can almost hear their sad little brains thinking ‘why’s that girl running, she’s going to shrink her ovaries and become sterile’. Forget about those stupid people that know SO MUCH that they can’t DO anything.

    Remember that there will always be someone that runs fastser than you and there will always be someone that runs slower than you. At least we’re running 😉

    Lastly, never underestimate the power of our children to teach us. I forget and am reminded of this all the time. Heck, I’ve even learned a thing or two from my dogs.

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