Menu Plan Monday

mpm-1My kitchen is beckoning me back.  I lost some ground on the Healthy Food Front while I was working my seasonal job, but it’s time to fill my family’s bellies with better meals.  Of course this means that I have to plan ahead; and if I’m planning ahead why not join up with everyone at Menu Plan Monday?

Monday:  I was SUPPOSED to go to SAN CHEZ with some AWESOME BLOGGERS but my HUSBAND – I’ll stop right there and say that we did not effectively communicate our schedules.  So we will be eating leftovers from Sunday.  And I’m sure all the taste of bitterness will be out of our mouths by then.

Tuesday: We’ll be having Homemade Chicken Nuggets from Kitchen Stewardship. I’m also serving these little frozen half-ears of corn (cooked of course) that A.P. thinks are ‘neat’ and begged me to buy.

Wednesday:  I’m going to be making these Beef Fajitas.  With Red Gold Tomatoes.  And if you come back and visit me on Thursday (or late Wednesday night – I’m kind of excited), I will have a really fun contest for you and maybe, if you’re very lucky, you will be making your own Beef Fajitas with Red Gold Tomatoes soon.

Thursday:  It’s kind of a busy night with some sort of bike-related event for my husband (sorry, I… wasn’t really listening) and A.P.’s conferences.  I am going to make this very, very yummy sounding Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini  along with some bread and a salad from Lisa at Studio Jewel and hope that we don’t eat seconds (or thirds) and make ourselves late.

Friday:  Ahh Friday.  This is the day I take off for my Mom’s Weekend Away.  I try and do it every year.  One weekend.  One mom.  One hotel room.  One good book. While it is expensive and seems indulgent; it more than makes up for itself in psychotherapist’s bill savings.  I will be leaving my family with a Garden Ranch Pizza  from Kelly the Kitchen Kop (scroll down the page for the recipe).  It’s my way of saying Mommy loves you – but needs to get the heck out of Dodge for a few days.

What are you having this week?



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2 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. yay…you’re making the soup!

    serious awesome-ness! i’m hoping for one last tiny bowl for lunch today!

    let me know how you loves it? 😉

  2. I absolutely love that you go away for a weekend away by yourself. My hubby keeps asking me if I want to and you are right therapists are expensive. LOL Thanks for the inspiration and courage to not feel guilty about a weekend all by myself.

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