Things to Dig

February is almost over, friends.  It’s the home stretch.  The eighth inning.  The 39th week.  I know it’s not true but for now, I’m going to pretend that winter is almost over too.  I don’t hate winter, really.  Actually I think the snow is pretty, and it’s nice to go grocery shopping at 9:00 AM and not have to worry while you run 50 other errands that your milk will go bad.  Nope, it’s colder in your trunk than it is in the refrigerator.  It’s kind of cool to watch the Winter Olympics and think that we could pretty much do any of that stuff right here.  Can you picture it? I can. Grand Rapids 2018! Go for the gold, baby.

As a matter of fact you can see some of those winter sports live this weekend.  The BOB is hosting “Rail Jam 2010” .  They turn their parking lots into a mini-sports park with a 30 foot ramp.  You can watch snowboarders and skiers up close and compete for prizes.  There is also food and music, and it’s just – different.  Your kids will dig it. 

If you prefer to appreciate winter from indoors (and there is nothing; I repeat NOTHING wrong with that. Unless something is  wrong with me. Which is possible.) you may want to head over to Schuler Books on Alpine where Sing-Song Yoga will be having a free class on Saturday from 11:00 – 1:00.  This is for kids, and they will dig it.

A.P. has been bugging me to see Astro Boy, which is playing at the Grand Rapids Main Library Saturday afternoon at 2:00.  It’s free, so I dig it.  What are you going to dig this weekend?



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2 responses to “Things to Dig

  1. Fantastic ideas! love the post so I tweeted/fb’d it 🙂

    Have a super weekend and hope to meet you Monday at the GR meet-up??

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