Things I Love Thursday – Cherries!!

I have food hunches.  I love honey, and had a hunch for a long time that it was more than just another way to sweeten food.  I knew it was good for me.  I also had hunches that popcorn, coffee, dark chocolate, and red wine had health benefits long before the experts did.  I love cherries, too. I have been patiently waiting for cherries to have their day. Not that anyone ever cautioned against the evils of cherries (that I am aware of), but outside of Traverse City, Michigan one seldom hears a rave about them either.

That us, until this week. I attended a Twitter party about the awesomeness of cherries. It’s like I’m some kind of miracle food barometer.  What’s next you ask? You with your bated breath, and your grocery list in hand? It’s molasses, but let’s stick to cherries and let them have their 15 minutes of fame.

My cherry adoration was really kicked up a notch when I learned that they can reduce inflammation and are supposed to be good for runners.  I’ve become a runner, you see.  Or as I refer to myself – a trotter.  Not as in Harlem Globe.  Not as in hot-to.  As in:  I am ridiculously slow.  There is only one girl at the gym that runs slower than I do, and I felt smug about that, but then I realized she had something wrong with her leg.  So, the cherry anti-inflammatory recovery might not be as crucial to me as it is to others but I like having a justification for buying cherry juice (it’s expensive!) and drinking it straight. 

Choose Cherries has more information and recipes but I am suspicious that they are in Lansing, which those of you who are not from Michigan will be surprised to learn that it, and not Detroit, is the capital.  Of the State.  The Cherry Capital is Traverse City.  They pretty much celebrate cherries year ’round up there.  In the summer, they have the Cherry Festival.  This includes fun things like a cherry pit spitting contest.  In the winter, they have Winterfest, which includes fun things like a cherry pit spitting contest.  I don’t know what else they do.  As long as they keep the cherries coming, I don’t care, either.

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7 responses to “Things I Love Thursday – Cherries!!

  1. I am not a fan of cherries but I wish I were! They are so pretty and come with a handle! And cherry pie always looks so pretty on a plate. The colors! The shine!

    Maybe I should try them again?

  2. Oh, man, cherries are the BEST! I bought a cherry pitter last year and it was totally worth it. Even if it is a big kitchen tool that doesn’t get used very often. I love fresh when I can get them, but frozen dark cherries are surprisingly wonderful.

  3. We love cherries in our family, but usually just stick to the Bing cherries. We use cherry pie and crisp and of course cherries on cheesecake. Chocolate covered cherries are awesome as well. I’ve not thought of doing frozen dark cherries – will have to try that. I had a cherry pitter at one time, but sold it as we do not have cherry crops here and they are usually expensive to buy. I’ve not heard of cherry juice, but will check that out.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday. Using ASL has been a blessing in our family and so glad you were able to use it to help your son. While our other two kids were speaking on target, they picked it up quickly when we used it with Youngest. It was a great blessing when I needed to tell them something across the room without having to actually say it vocally. My sister is a deaf interpreter and gave each of the kids a special sign for their names. She has been a great resource when youngest wanted to know the sign for something he couldn’t say and we didn’t know it.

  4. Oh, thank goodness that I’m not alone!

    I am the slowest runner in the WORLD. I think that I might walk faster than I run, if that’s even possible. But I’ve started to really love doing it. I’m working on my speed but I’m happy that I can just keep goiong the entire route I picked, even if it is at -5 mph.

    Thanks for the hint about cherries! The hubby loves them and if I can get him to eat something with these kinds of health effects without complaining, I am totally there!

    I’m glad I found your blog- I lived in Ann Arbor (where I met dear, sweet hubby) for years but moved to Los Angeles six years ago. It’s nice to have a (sort of) taste of home. The hubby wants to move back east eventually so keeping up with the MI world is probably a good idea.

    Thanks so much!

    • Ha!!! Yes, it is possible to walk faster than you run – I do it every day. I’m working on speed too, I feel your pain! I am actually going to Traverse City tomorrow and I’m going to stock up on all things cherry. I love them too! I’m glad you found my blog too – a touch of home is always nice and especially this time of year you can read all about it and still enjoy your nice LA weather 🙂

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