4 responses to “I’m Ready!

  1. bechirih

    love this.
    scary, and very Good.

  2. Thank you! I truly enjoyed reading your writing style, and of course your little back-and-forth with God. It’s good that you are listening; count that as a plus for not giving up church quite yet. 🙂 I’m thrilled to be connected with you just a little, b/c I know you’re a local blogger. (Hi!) Mind if I add you to my email list of Catholic Mama bloggers?
    Oh – I just read a great post on practicing Lent from someone who’s also working on decluttering, although I don’t think that’s exactly what you meant by “crap”. You might like: http://amysfinerthings.com/lenten-season
    Happy Lent!
    🙂 Katie

  3. Love this post!! Can’t wait to see what God has in store.

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