What’s Your Art?

The Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids has launched a new website with different opportunities to find out “What’s Your Art?”  It includes museums, theater, music, dance  – all of that artsy stuff.  There is a section just for kids with some events listed.  It’s still adding content, but definitely worth a bookmark to check out from time to time.

Maybelle is a very creative, artistic little girl.  She is also extremely prolific.  I take any chance I get to allow her to create without having to decide:  “keep or toss”.  LaFontsee Galleries is holding an “Art Making Event” to make art for the new Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.   It’s similar to the event they held at Celebration on the Grand, if you attended that. If not, click on that link to check out art in action.

There are several sessions to choose from:  

Tuesday, March 9: 3 pm to 6 pm

Tuesday, March 16: 3 pm to 6 pm

Tuesday, March 23: 3 pm to 6 pm

Saturday, March 27: 11 am to 3 pm

There will be more openings in April.  You can email heidi@lafontsee.us or call 616-451-9820. I called and signed my kids up today, and apparently will get an email with a specific time slot for the day I selected.  I love this idea, because my kids can be part of something amazing and will always know that they contributed.  It’s entirely free. And, I don’t have to sneak anything out to the recycling.



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2 responses to “What’s Your Art?

  1. Anne Veltema

    Thanks for sharing the new of this opportunity for kids to be part of the new Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. It will be incredible for kids to walk into the building and see art made by themselves and their peers.

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