Scholastic Issues

Is it awful that I dive into A.P. and Maybelle’s school folders every day before they’re even home from school? Or that I’m jonesing for a folder-fix since we’ve been home all week? I want it all.  The newsletters, the popcorn-day order forms, the crappy (did I say crappy? I meant fantastic) artwork.  But most of all…. the Scholastic order forms. 

 I heart Scholastic.  I remember being in elementary school, and being excited about getting the Scholastic order forms.  I’m not usually a big sucker for marketing but if kids books are involved, forget it.  I’m the sucker-est sucker in the world.  In fact, last year I was so distraught that A.P.’s class didn’t have a Scholastic order form by the end of the first week I asked the teacher what the deal was.  She said she “just didn’t like to organize that stuff” so naturally, I took over and became the Scholastic Coordinator.  Not a real resume-builder, but I  must…have… more… children’s…books.

When I worked with the room mother to plan a party, I made sure a gift for the teacher was in the budget.  And I made sure that gift was a book.  See? It’s a real problem I have.  It’s so bad that I might even buy SunnyD in order to get 20 free books for my kids’ classrooms.  I am not sure exactly what SunnyD is:   Juice? Pop? Some sort of Tang-like substance? My only experience with it is when a woman looked at me very scornfully for having my kids in a Meijer Movie Kart while piling Pop Tarts and SunnyD in her regular cart and her kids yelled their heads off.  Not the best association. 

Until they teamed up with Scholastic, which can wash away a multitude of sins.  In exchange for 20 SunnyD labels, Scholastic will donate 20 books.  The program is called SunnyD Book Spree.  I think that is awesome, and will promptly start loading SunnyD into my Movie Kart with the expectation of scornful, disapproving looks from everyone.  It’s worth, it, because I love Scholastic.  For more Things I Love Thursday, go see Jill, who just had a really cute baby I want to meet in person but must wait until Germ-fest ’09 has passed.



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4 responses to “Scholastic Issues

  1. LOL. I agree about the sunny D. I have no idea what the heck it is. I love the reference about the mommy with the kids yelling loading up on the stuff and poptarts but, giving YOU the evil mommy look because you are using the movie cart. Been there…got the “Stare”! LOL

  2. What Meijer has movie carts? We are shopping at the wrong meijer…
    I always feel lucky just getting the cart with the bench in the back for the extra kids.
    I love scholastic, too. Can you believe how cheap their books are? I recently got an invitation to an usborne book show, and being the book snob that I am thougth to myself, “and pay full price for a book? You must be kidding” of course I really just smiled and said thank you.
    My first year of teaching I had to limit myslef to only $20 a month on scholastic books. That was before I got married. That was before I even had kids. Now I don’t have even that in the budget, but I do have a great selection of kids books!

  3. We are the same with the folder diving. I read it in the parking lot before I even take off. And the Scholastic book orders? It is a sickness….one from which I don’t wanna be cured.

  4. I think I need to acquire some of your scholastic cooties. While I enjoy books and encourage my kids to love them, I prefer the luxery of ‘free’ books from libraries. Probably not the best candidate to be nominated your replacement for Scholstic orders, huh? I’m waiting for the universe to give me some epiphany on the matter… hoping it comes in the next week or so.

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