Drugstore Ninjas Disaster Preparedness Kits


`I know that many of you out there are drugstore ninjas – swooping in with fistfulls of coupons, Register Rewards, and Extra Care Bucks and flying out with $67 worth of stuff for $0.06 before the clerk knows what hit them. I also know that sometimes, you stock up on just a smidge more than you actually need right now. Or might actually need for the next 35 years. I speak from experience, and I end up looking for a charity who happens to be having a toothpaste drive.

I am sincere when I say that resourcefulness is a gift. It fits in the ‘talent’ portion of time, talent and treasure your church asks you to share with someone less fortunate than you.  Something about “The Recession” makes me want to focus my giving more locally, but not being sure when a layoff is coming, we are careful with our money and have had to cut back on some donations. I feel awful about this, but I believe the University of Georgia Alumni Association will live without me for a few years.

While the Red Cross is a huge organization, the local chapters coordinate services for their communities. Right now, the Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids is collecting items for Disaster Preparedness Kits for one of the most fire prone areas; the Baxter Neighborhood. For more information about their wish list and donating, check here. And yes, toothpaste is on the list.   

Donating items I have an abundance of is one way I can help other people with at a very low cost. It is a very tangible way for kids to see you give, too.  Just print off the list and go ‘shopping’ from your stash for items on it.  People are so excited when kids are involved that they will get lots of praise for when you go to deliver the items.  It always bewilders my kids a little, but I think it is laying a good foundation for community involvement. For more Frugal Friday, go to Life As MOM.


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  1. Great idea. Thanks for the reminder. I was just looking at my toothpaste stash and saw several kinds that it turns out we don’t like.

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