2 responses to “I Promise; This Won’t Hurt A Bit

  1. I clicked the link for the HD but didn’t see a place about fees. I’ve always taken the kids to their regular pediatrician for their shots but that can be a lot to swallow when insurance isn’t an option. Are they really a lot cheaper? Did you have to have a new one for your oldest? I didn’t get one done for Emma… I didn’t realize you have to do it if there’s no change in their shots.

  2. @Chris – for the HD fees, click on “Immunizations” on the right, then on “Fee Schedule”. The fees are less than our pediatrician charges, but that probably varies from practice to practice and are usually covered by our insurance.

    I didn’t need a new one green form for school this year, but when I work I need one for the daycare and it’s the same form the school requires.

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