Grand Rapids Round Up

Let’s get right to it!  I can’t wait until “Things to Do Thursday”; too much pent up blogging energy. No worries that summer is almost over (unless your children are driving you nuts; in which case it most certainly is almost over.  In fact, I think I saw some leaves that had changed color the other day).  There is plenty to do in August around town that will keep you busy.


Now through August 15:  Kent County Youth Fair.  This website makes my head hurt but I’m sure the fair is much more relaxing, what with the rides, children everywhere, animals… like a day at the spa.

August 13: 7:00 PM The Great Lakes Chorus Barbershop Guys at Leslie E Tassell park presented by the Cascade Community Foundation.

August 15: Multi-Cultural Mixing Pot, Rosa Parks Circle.  Events all day; highlights include being served breakfast by Mayor and Mrs. Heartwell (as if I could let that great man serve me.  I would probably bow down or something), kids activities, and a beer tent.  Lowlights include a butterfly release.

August 15:  Geek Aid.  They’re such geeks they forgot to put the time and place on the website.  It’s at Riverside Park, at noon.  Come listen to music and help send a deserving, underprivledged geek to college.

August 15:  2:00-3:00. Creek Walk, Blandford Nature Center.  Free, but they do want you to call ahead to make reservations.

August 15:  Uptown Trolly Day – ride the trolly.  You know you want to.

August 15:  Ada Criterium.  I mention this only because there is a free kids race and my kids are all about competetive cycling.  Seriously.

August 15-16: Michigan Fiber Festival, Allegan.

August 22:  Coolest Little Party by GRKids at Wee Play. 10:00-2:00, $3 per kid.  This sounds fun, but I’m annoyed with Wee Play right now.  I dropped my kids off there on a sunny, 80 degree day for 4 hours while I went to a meeting.  It’s more expensive than a sitter, but they are supposed to go outside 3 times a day and play in the sprinkler.  I packed their suits, a change of clothes, and sunscreen.  They didn’t go out once.  In fact, when I asked my kids what they did, they listed off all of the the TV shows they watched while they were there.  Awesome.

August 22:  Heirloom Tomato Festival, 10:00-4:00. Rockford.  This is new and I’m not too sure about it, but it does say there are children’s activities.

August 23:  Tour de Gaslight Village.  East Grand Rapids. Yes, another bike race with a free kids race. 

August 23-29:  Hudsonville Fair, Hudsonville (duh).

August 26-29:  Grand Rapids Film Festival.  There is at least one kids’ movie showing.  There is a very boring debate all over Grand Rapids websites on whether or not this is a ‘family’ activity.  As always – use your best judgement.  Don’t take your kids to the adult movies they are showing, etc.  Jeez.

August 26-29:  Wyoming’s 50th Birthday Celebration.  Parades, cook offs, kids events.  This looks like a good one. Yee, haw!

August  27: 7:00 PM The Boogie Woogie Babies at Leslie E Tassell park presented by the Cascade Community Foundation.

August 28-29: 28th Street Metro Cruise.  My husband and son love this.  My daughter and I… not so much.

August 28-30 Polish Festival, Calder Plaza.

August 29:  Reading Rocks in Rockford, 10:00-3:00.  Rockford’s ‘First Reading Festival’.  Sweet!

August 29:  2:00-3:00. Turtles And Snakes, Blandford Nature Center.  Free, but call ahead to let them know you’re coming.

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  1. Jackie Fornetti

    Thanks for the Bike Race Info. I totally missed this weekend, but we’re all set for the next Gaslight Race!

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