Menu Plan Monday

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I have a meeting all afternoon, so I am making an easy chili in the crock pot.  I’ll just combine 1/2 a leftover pork loin (cooked and shredded), 3 potatoes cubed, a jar of salsa, and some frozen corn.  The corn is also leftover.  We had our first ears of sweet corn last week, and I cooked a few extra ears and ‘zipped’ off the corn with my new Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper which is totally sweet.


Last month my husband and I went with some friends to see Keb Mo at Meijer Gardens.  We had so much fun and loved sitting outside, eating dinner and listening to one of our few shared musical interests.  The best part about the whole night (after falling into hysterics watching very rich white people tap their toes to a song called “Government Cheese”) was that I got carded.  Granted the average age there is about 50, but still, I’ll take it.  Anyway, the Gardens has free with admission concerts on Tuesday nights.  We’re packing a picnic of panini sandwiches and some fruit and veggies and we’ll sit on the lawn until the the giant hill and giant horse lure our kids away from the music.


We’re going to visit a friend in Grand Haven during the day, then I’m playing Bunco at night so I am cashing in my newly-instituted ‘free night’.  Whichever of our fine local eating establishments has the best coupon wins the privilege of providing us dinner.


When someone in my Mom’s Club has a baby, we set up a schedule and bring her dinners for a few weeks.  Thursday is my night and I will be bringing Pizza Casserole.  Some people have signature dishes they make and it’s kind of rude to make the same thing. Pizza Casserole was another mom’s signature dish, but she left Mom’s Club so I stole it.  Here’s a link to the recipe.


We’re going to just have an easy dinner of grilled hamburgers, Ranch Beans, and sweet corn.

For more Menu Plan Monday, go check out Laura’s Blog.


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