Happy Thursday (I think)

I just had to laugh for a minute because I couldn’t remember what day it was when I sat down to write this.  That is my definition of summer.  My computer is taking a summer vacation too.  What it doesn’t know is that I am shopping for a new computer.  One that doesn’t tease me, and let me create some nice posts, and calendars, and then abruptly shut down so it can’t even hear me scream at it for making me waste so much time.

The bike weekends are over.  My husband reminded me that he could be one of those guys who hunts, and is gone for weeks at a time.  He’s right.  What he doesn’t know is that he’s about to get a list of what I could be doing for my own personal entertainment that would make  his life rough.  Just in time for Father’s Day!

The kids and I saw Up! (meh), and Willy Wonka at the Civic (awesome).  We also saw Mufaro the Story King at the library and have been reading like fiends so as to collect upon our Reading Program Swag.  No I haven’t forgotten to compile the program information for y’all.  My computer ate part of it and I have to re-do it.

I do have some goodies to tell you about.  First, the Kalamazoo Air Zoo has free admission all summer.  This is amazing – and is definitely on our list of things to do this summer.  I read about it at Grand Rapids Tightwad.  The press release is on the Air Zoo’s website, which has further details about the cost of rides. 

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is also making entertainment a little less expensive this summer.  According to REVUE, they are having “71 Days of Fun” and dropping admission prices to $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children.  I don’t know if this eliminates free admission for GR residents on Monday or not though.

While you’re checking that out, hang around REVUE a minute.  They have some contests with pretty sweet odds.  I know this because I won a gift certificate to GRPD (Grand Rapids Pizza Delivery). 

It’s not on the John Ball Park Zoo’s website yet, but there is information on the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum site about “Monkey See Monkey Do” on July 16th.  It’s a trolley that shuttles you and your kids around to the three locations.  We’ve done the Penguin Express, the Lions (I REALLY went to town on that; read about it here), and are totally looking forward to the monkeys.  I love a good theme and am currently working on reading materials, crafts, and snacks to augment the experience.  Tickets go on sale June 22 – get them at the Zoo or Douglas J.


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  1. Dang it, I wish I would have done the Willy Wonka thing!!

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