5 responses to “Bike Widow

  1. hey, minivans rock. no shame. 🙂

  2. I see no sidebar or calendar. 😦

  3. Geesh, must be nice for make-me-laugh writing to come natural……..you’re so good at it, ya lucky snot!

    Yeah, something is weird – you have NO sidebars, I’m in Firefox, not sure if that means anything.

    What kind of mini-van? I am madly in love with my Toyota Sienna. Once my teen asked me, “If you could have ANY vehicle you wanted in the WHOLE world, what would it be?” I said, “A 2005 Toyota Sienna!” (This was in 2004) He couldn’t believe it, “Mom! I said ANY vehicle in the WHOLE world!” “Yep, that’s the one.”

    SO looking forward to possibly meet you next week!

  4. Big ‘sup back atcha! I can’t believe that summer started a month ago and it’s already July! Crazy! Where is your calendar for the July events? I’ll be home more this month and might do some fun things like that with the kiddles.

    You still loving the minivan? I packed mine to the HILT when I went on my last cottaging adventure (including both kids and both dogs) and I gotta say, it holds A LOT of stuff. Thank goodness.

  5. Deets on the minivan please. Which one did you pick?

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