Teacher Gifts, Part Two

Wow! Did you read the responses to “For The Teacher“?  You all have some awesome ideas for year-end gifts.  Check out everyone’s ideas (in the comments) if you are still looking for a gift.

I mentioned in that post that I refrained from going overboard for Teacher Appreciation Day.  I can only hold it in for so long, so I jumped all over the chance to do a birthday project for the teacher and aide, who conveniently have a birthday in the same week.

This isn’t exactly my work, but I don’t get that many opportunities to participate in Hobby Hump Day due to my extreme lack of craftiness so I’m going to stretch it a bit.  I conjured up this project all on my own, or so I thought until I read Why Are They Calling ME Mom?’s post about her own Teacher Appreciation Day project.  Definitely some similarities but I swear I thought of it independently.

For my project, The Room Mom and I set up in the Teacher’s Room (the bastion of all gossip, organization, and parental activity in this school.  I heart the parent room)  and took two kids at a time out of class to work on a “Top Secret Project”.

First, we had the kids select different sizes and colors of tissue paper cut (roughly) into circles.

Flower 1

Then, we had them ‘pinch’ the center, and helped them to wrap a pipe cleaner around it.

Flower 3

We started, then let the kids finish wrapping the pipe cleaner around the pencil.

Flower 4

I cut floral foam to fit the base, and when all of the flowers were complete I ‘arranged’ them.  To cover the floral foam, I put shredded paper on the top.

Flower 5

The kids were very proud of their work, and the teachers loved them. We also gave them Horrocks gift cards, and had the kids sign cards for them. 

For more Hobby Hump Day (and a giveaway!!!) head over to 3inunder3.


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One response to “Teacher Gifts, Part Two

  1. hotomom

    Very cool. I like yours too. I am sure they did love them.

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