Summer Activities

Be sure to get a copy of today’s Advance newspaper (they don’t distribute it in town anymore, but it’s in all the surrounding communities).  There is a ” Love INC Summer 2009 Fun For Families and Children” listing of free and inexpensive events in Kent and Ottawa counties. 

This is published every year and it is a fantastic resource.  You’ll see many of the same things I put on my calendar but for Ottawa county also.  There is also a listing of Vacation Bible Schools.  For you out of towners – this is kind of a big deal around these parts 🙂

It will be up on their website soon, but it’s pretty long so you might want to get a hard copy.  It will show up at libraries pretty soon too.  Good stuff!



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2 responses to “Summer Activities

  1. thank you for sharing!!!! i’ll be looking for my Advance today 🙂

  2. Tell me when you see these in the library. Wait Lisa reads you? I am going to hit her up for a copy 🙂

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