Golden Ticket

This past Saturday was the end of A.P.’s acting class at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.  They had a final performance to show off their new skills.  A.P. liked the class, but didn’t love it.  He was fine with it being over.  Even though we received a scholarship, I have to admit I was a little disappointed he didn’t seem to get more out of it.

Until today.

In an attempt to counter-act the effects of watching too much “Fast Food My Way with Jacques Pépin” (What kind of 5 year old boy asks his mom about scones? Don’t answer that.), I let him watch some Nickelodeon.  I always regret this, because he still doesn’t really ‘get’ that commercials are big fat lies.  This is despite the fact that I constantly tell him, “You know – commercials are big fat lies”. 

Today, A.P. asked me for Kid Cuisine.  It broke my heart.  I told him those kids in the commercials are actors – like when the kids in his acting class did the play for us.  It clicked. He got very excited, and said he was

Pretty sure the food in the Kid Cuisine was ‘gross’, and the kids WHO ARE ACTORS really took bites of grilled cheese and THEN said “Yum!” so they could act like the Kid Cuisine was what they were saying “Yum!” about. And it’s all a big fat lie.

I don’t really want him to think acting is lying, but I’d rather sort that out later than have him believe everything he sees on TV (except Jacques Pépin, who is awesome.).

His acting teacher, “Mr. Ed”, is going to be in an upcoming play at the Civic; “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.  We are going to take the kids to see it, and found out that they are doing a fundraiser.  You buy a Wonka Bar and if it has a Golden Ticket, you get two free tickets to the play.  The tickets are sold at: HopScotch, Schuler Books, Martha’s Vineyard, Snapdragon, Creative Learning Toys, Modern Day Floral, Cafe Stella, and Forest Hills Foods.

I love clever fundraisers and I am probably going to buy three times the ticket price trying to win.  Plus, our kids don’t know the Willy Wonka story, and it will be fun for them when we see the play and the actors (stinkin’ liars that they are) look for golden tickets. And if that isn’t reason enough, I can support theater by buying chocolate bars.  Brilliant.


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2 responses to “Golden Ticket

  1. ofebers

    Kid Cuisines are really gross. My kids beg for them all the time. When Ricardo was out of town, I bought them for them. They didn’t even eat it.

  2. My MIL buys them Kid Cuisine sometimes, and they’re NASTY. Somehow, they forget that when they see them in the store, but I refuse to buy them.

    My 6 y.o. is just starting to figure out that commercials don’t always tell the truth.

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