Hotter than a pepper sprout

tiltWhen I was in college, my sister and I went through this phase of growing our own sprouts.  Not in a garden, of course. I can’t grow anything in the garden.  No, this is in the house; well within my growing comfort zone. 

Like so many college habits, I let the seed growing slip.  I was reminded of it again on one of those “Grow your own cow, then milk it and make your own cheese” blogs.  I am insanely jealous of these people.  If I could handle living anywhere but in the city I would so be a cow-growing/cheese-making person. I’d probably have chickens too.

But then when do these women have time to blog? They are busy with sewing clothes for their 11 children.  Hats off to them; I am a completely irregular blogger with only two children, and I think I’m a rock star for letting my clothes dry on a line and taking the City Bus once in a while.

But here’s what I can do:  I can grow my own sprouts.  And I do.  I tried this Mason jar/cheesecloth method used by the aforementioned women, but my sprouts just got slimy and nasty.  So I ordered one off of Amazon for $10 and it is working like a charm.  I’m pretty sure this is how the pioneer women did it.

Here are some progress pictures:

Day One

Day One

The kids love watching them grow, which they do quickly therefore are perfect for short attention spans.

Day Three

Day Three


Day Five - done!

Day Five - done!

Look ma, no e coli! I buy different  kinds of seeds at Harvest Health. They are suprisingly distinct from one another.  Some are hot, and some are really mild. I use them in salads, and sandwiches, and anywhere I can sneak them in. Maybelle dips them in barbeque sauce, but she’s kind of that kid that would dip sprouts in barbeque sauce. I love my little sprouter!  For more things other people love, head over here.



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2 responses to “Hotter than a pepper sprout

  1. Seriously… I was just having a conversation where I mentioned that I think I would like to have a chicken. (not that there are any plans for that what-so-ever…I just want fresh eggs whenever.)

  2. Like the new header BTW

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