Weekend Top Five

Here they are; in no particular order because of course I love both of my children equally; in the exact same amount and therefore, cannot rank spending time with one over the other.

5.  Being sick on Mother’s day; but having my husband wake up with the kids, clean the house with the kids, and head out of town with the kids so I could lay around and snooze in peace.

4.  My Mother’s Day gifts; which were not received on Mother’s Day because my kids could not wait.  A.P. made a little basket in school, and Maybelle made – something. I’m not sure what it is; it looks like a bee wearing a wedding veil. 

3. The Whitecaps game with A.P.  It was a mother/son event organized by his school.  He sat on my lap when he started to get sleepy and I wondered how many more times he would be willing to do that, especially in public.  It also marked my first ‘date’ with a mom from his school.  She drove.  I looked fetching in my white Adidas long sleeved t-shirt, jeans, and my freaking parka because this is Michigan and it’s May and too early for baseball games.

2. The annual Mother/Daughter tea at our church.  The little girls have a fashion show, which Maybelle didn’t want to participate in.  She came around though. Not only did she participate, when it was her turn she did something along the lines of a full axel; but instead of ice skates she was wearing her new ‘fancy’ shoes -which took us almost an entire day of trying on little girl shoes to find a suitable pair earlier this week.

1.  Did I already mention that my husband took the kids out of town today? And it was quiet?

For more Weekend Top Five, or to tell the world about your weekend, go have a visit with Kristi.


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2 responses to “Weekend Top Five

  1. Thanks for cracking me up on a Monday morning! 🙂

  2. A day of peace would be a great gift here as well. Noah couldn’t wait to give me his gift from school either. I opened it right away when he got home Friday. I hope you’re feeling better today.

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