Miley and Me

Happy Derby Day y’all! I always think of my college days on the Kentucky Derby. It was in Georgia, so it was already hot out in May and I was decently tanned by this time.  Derby parties are so fun – the obligitory goofy hat and of course crushing the mint and dumping sugar and ice and bourbon in a glass… mmm. Nothing like a fresh mint julep!

But today I am hatless, pale, and drinking kombucha (my newest obsession; you’ll probably see more on this soon).  At least I got a fantastic compliment this morning.  I was getting A.P. ready to go to his first acting class, and had on a new pair of jeans.  He told me I looked “just like Hannah Montana!” in them. Except she “wears sparkly shirts” and “um, different shoes” (what, the girl is too good for Teva flip flops?).  But still, it made my day. 

There are a few tasty deals out there I want you to know about, and then I’ll get back to my reminiscing. First, my friend Jill at the Diaper Diaries posted yesterday on Freepeats (you can read the post here), which is a website new to Grand Rapids.  You can give away and/or look for gently used kid stuff (baby clothes, toys, etc).  Since it is new, they are waiving the membership fee ($4.95) until May 15th.  Definitely worth checking out if you are in need of more stuff, or in need of a place to get rid of your stuff. 

Another website I have been loving is Grand Rapids Sudden Values.  I cannot get enough of this! You sign up for the main email list, and they send you all kinds of deals and coupons.  Then you can sign up for individual businesses email lists, and they send you more coupons.  Yesterday I got $5.00 off at Twice As Nice? Nice Twice? Something like that, it is a used clothing store where I got my Hannah Montana jeans.  Today I got two free salt bagels and a dirty look from Bagel Beanery when I bought a $1.00 cookie for Maybelle and handed over my coupon. It said with any purchase…  I am thrift-ily making (or attempting to) make bagel chips out of them right now.  I also got a coupon for a free coffee without purchase, but I think I’ll use the drive through to avoid future scowling incidents.

A sweet deal I read about on Maranda’s blog (which I don’t feel bad about ripping of, since her intern does it to me all the time) starts Monday, May 4.  If you donate a new or gently used ball glove, you will get two free tickets to a Whitecaps game.  It’s a benefit for the YMCA Inner City Youth Baseball and Softball Program, which provides gloves and equipment to kids. You can drop off your glove at Fifth Third Ballpark, any Fifth Third Bank location or the YMCA.

Enjoy your day! And your jeans! And your juleps, or whatever makes you happy.

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One response to “Miley and Me

  1. Thanks for all the info!

    I love Nice Twice!! 🙂 Did you know that there is a coupon in this week’s(5/5) Advance paper too?? It is for $5 off $15 purchase. 🙂

    Thought I would give you the heads up if you needed anything else from there. 🙂

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