Things I Love Thursday

tiltI am a good sleeper.  I typically zonk out about 15 minutes after I hit the pillow.  I know I am lucky. Here’s where I’m unlucky:  I’m a very light sleeper, and if something wakes me up (Snoring, for example. Or our dog protecting us from squirrels threatening to steal our precious acorn supply) I have a hard time falling back to sleep. 

My brain mistakes this time for an opportunity to worry about every single stupid thing that has happened in the past 24 hours or so.  Things that my daytime brain completely misses become huge problems that can only be solved my me lying there in the dark and stressing out over them.

I recently picked up a box of Holy Basil Bija Tea at Harvest Health.  There is a very nice woman who works there, but she drives me crazy because she mispronounces the word ‘medicinal’.  She directed me to some tea that was on sale (that would be the Bija).  She thought I would like it because it had medicimal qualities. I thanked her, and asked her what kind of medicinal qualities it had.  It’s for relaxation, she said. And it’s medicimal

Last time I was in, she showed me some African honey that has medicimal qualities too. I said I thought it was better to eat local honey, because it has medicinal qualities that prevent allergies to local pollens? She said that’s true, but this African honey is more medicimal. This was immediately after A.P. had pulled the dispenser on the fair trade coffee and spilled expensive beans all over the floor.  She was very kind and understanding about it.  Possibly because fair trade coffee doesn’t have medicimal qualities. 

Where the heck was I? Oh yeah, the tea.  Anyway, I took my Holy Basil tea home and forgot about it.  Last week, I opened it up and drank a cup before bed. HOLY BASIL! I was knocked out about 20 minutes after I drank it, and stayed that way all night.  I thought it might have been a fluke, so I tried it again. And again. It worked.  I went back and bought 4 more boxes.

I have no idea why it has this effect on me.  I looked on the website and it said: 

For more than 5,000 years, Holy Basil (Tulsi) has been one of India’s most sacred herbs. One legend even holds that the Tulsi plant is the reincarnation of a goddess. Bija blends all three types of Tulsi – Krishna, Vana, and Rama with a touch of rooibos – into a single, rich-tasting tea.

Okee dokee.  Whatever it is, it works, and I love it. For more Things I Love Thursday (and a breast pump giveaway), head over to The Diaper Diaries.



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2 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I am going to try this! I am opposite of you. I can go back to sleep if woke up but it take me hours to fall asleep! Thanks.

  2. I am wondering if these medicimal properties are OK for a preggo. Cause I NEED a good night’s sleep!!

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