Get Ready for Mom’s Night Out!!

im_celebrating_nationa_moms_nite_outNationwide, different businesses are offering special deals for National Mom’s Night Out.  It’s coming up next week Thursday, so you can still hit the town with the girls, then be treated to some extra special Mom-Pampering on the weekend.  Or, if your husband is running in the Riverbank Run Saturday, you better have fun while you can ’cause he’ll be pooped by the time date-time rolls around.  That’s the voice of experience, ladies.

You can find out more on the National Mom’s Nite Out website here, but events are being added daily so check back.  I am still waiting for Founders to announce “free growlers of Dirty Bastard (it’s a beer!!) for Mom”, but no such luck yet.

I encourage you to sign up on the website – because I just now got an email with a quick survey from Ragu (I’m so excited I am living on the edge and not even spell-checking), and they are sending me a Ragu Meal Kit.  The email I got said “quantities are limited”, but they are sending me an 

easy-to-prepare pasta dish kit to your home so that you can rest assured that Dad and the kids will be well-fed!  Each Ragú Pasta Dish Kit will contain pasta and two jars of one of the new varieties of Ragú Old World Style® sauce: Sweet Tomato Basil and Margherita.

Sweet! Go sign up now!


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