Ride To Read

OH WHAT A WEEK!!! It has been a really interesting TV-less journey.  I didn’t really anticipate how hard it would be to ‘get anything done’ without my video babysitter.  I think I got more out of this week than my kids did though.  Big newsflash for me:  my job is to parent my kids, not chit chat and look up everything that interests me (this is a pretty high volume) online that second

My house was a little messy, and my volunteer and blogging ‘duties’ suffered but you know what? It was the way it should be.  We read a million books, and – this is going to sound a smidge mushy – but I feel like I reconnected with my kids a little.  They are amazing and funny and creative and I don’t know if the TV kills that, or if it just decreases my opportunities to see it.

Enough about me.  Here is a little tasty tidbit for you about two of my favorites:  the library and the Rapid.  At a meeting last week, I was reminded about the Rapid’s Ride to Read program.  It provides free round trip bus passes to any of the Grand Rapids Public Library locations! You just have to ask at the desk, and they give you your ticket. 

I tried it out myself last week, and it’s easy and works just fine.  The librarian said you can request tickets once every 7 days.  My kids LOVE riding the bus, and with the construction downtown I appreciate not having to park.  Here is some more information if you’re interested.


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