On Books and Bowling

There are two totally unrelated events that I am not even going to try and tie into a cohesive post other than to say my children love books, and my children love bowling. And I love my children, so both of these are pretty exciting (How was that for a tie in? No? OK – movin’ on..).

First, the bowling.  At many bowling alleys across the country and locally at Fairlanes in Grandville, kids can bowl free all spring and summer, from April 15 to September 15.  The details are here. You have to sign up on the website and then you’ll get the coupons emailed to you after the program starts.  There is a fun pass thing they try to sell you – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘no thanks’ (if you aren’t interested in buying it, of course). You have to do this twice; then it takes you to the information about the bowling for free.

The second is “America’s Biggest Bedtime Story”.  On April 14, John Lithgow will be reading his book, “I Got Two Dogs” in a webcast that can be viewed here anytime after 10:00AM.  I haven’t heard this book, but my Dad got the kids a John Lithgow book called “Marsupial Sue” that is fantastic and I’m sure this one is too.

You can sign up for a reminder email.  If enough people tune in, Book It (the Pizza Hut reading program that gives out those free pizza coupons around this time of year) will give First Book a $10,000 donation to provide access to books for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have it.

So let John Lithgow read your kids a bedtime story tomorrow, then on Wednesday start bowling for free. I ask you; does life get any better than this?


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  1. We’ve already signed up for the free bowling thing – looking forward to taking advantage of it this summer. Thanks for the info about the John Lithgow webcast – we love his version of ‘The Runaway Pancake’, so will definitely be watching! 🙂

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