Yay! Dairy Discovery!

No sooner did I finish the Spring Break post than I got an email from Annie at Dairy Discovery.  You remember this place, right? It’s at SwissLane farms, and they do fantastic, unique tours of a dairy farm.  You can read all about our fantastic experience here.   For weeks after our visit, A.P. asked if the milk we were drinking was from “those cows we met”.

They are having Dairy Discovery Family Fun weekends later this month, and you should really check it out.  So you might ask – if you got this email yesterday, why are you posting about it a day later? The reason is that Annie has started a blog.  I found it fascinating, and read every single post instead of writing this one.  Especially interesting are the posts about raw milk, and her cousin’s discussion of  putting your infant in a car seat they hate with the seemingly ‘cruel’ things farmers have to do to cows.  There is a lot to think about!

Here are the dates and info for Family Fun weekends at SwissLane Farms:

April 18 and 25, 11:00 AM-3:00 PM. $5.00 per person, kids under 1 are free.  Family rate (5 people) is $20.00.  Hayrides $1.00 per person.  The farm is on 84th Street, 1.25 miles east of Highway 50. 

You get to see the farm, the milking – uh, station? What’s that called again? You get to bottle feed calves, play in the corn/sand box, a dairy snack, and goodie bags for the kids.  Here is a link to the website.

And here is a cartoon I saw on Ellyphant that I can’t stop laughing at.  We drink whole milk, but please don’t tell the pediatrician.  I am sick of the childhood obesity speech.  Not that either of my kids are at all fat – despite those charts that show them being taller than they are heavy, I still get the “2% milk will save the world” talk. So now I just lie.

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