Mmmm… fishy!

tiltMy family’s (verrrrry slowwwww) journey to healthy eating has been a frequent topic on Big Binder.  I’ve been excited to share a recent find in this department with you all, but my husband has been laid off this week and cannot think of anything to do but 1) follow me around aimlessly/bug me and 2) spend hours on line. 

We have one car in the shop and one hobbling along until it can be repaired, so we haven’t gotten out much. I finally threw the family in the car that (kinda) runs, and dropped them off at the $2.50 Flick Movie Festival the other day with a $1.50 box of extremely healthy Ju-jubes or whatever they’re called from Rite Aid and had two hours of blissful quiet.

Back to the nutrition.  I am a fan of Kelly the Kitchen Kop, who I found on and later realized, hey! She lives around here! Kelly breaks down a lot of confusing and overwhelming nutrition information.  I wanted to get my family to start taking fermented cod liver oil like she recommends- but it wasn’t going over well.

At Harvest Health one day, the kids were  given a sample of Barleans Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement. A.P. went first. This is a kid who loves fish in any form so when he loved the taste, I was still skeptical. Maybelle HATES fish. Maybelle tried it. Maybelle liked it. I bought it.

I didn’t try it myself until we got home. It is very sweet, and the ‘dose’ is quite small. There is no fish taste whatsoever.  I have no idea if this is the nutritional equivalent of a Twinkie with flax seed sprinkled on it, but it makes me feel good. Therefore, I love it.

For more Things I Love Thursday, go here. For a free sample of Barleans, go here.


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One response to “Mmmm… fishy!

  1. Hey, thanks for the link!!!

    Don’t hate me…but if you can get your kids to SOMEHOW take the fermented CLO it’s HUGELY more nutritious………(picture me ducking from whatever you’re throwing at me…)

    2 of my kids take it without fussing, the other 2 are old enough to take the capsules.


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