Molly MalaneyWay back 3 weeks ago when it was still winter, we drove to GRCC’s Ford Fieldhouse in a blizzard for the GRCC Family Matters Event.  The Grand Rapids Civic Theater folks were there, and handed out flyers announcing a free play.  This past weekend, and the next two weekends they present “The Tales of Molly Malloy“.  For free!

This is not to be confused with Molly Malaney, the Grand Rapids woman who was first runner up on the most recent Bachelor, but ended up winning because the actual winner couldn’t fulfill the duties of the crown. Or something, I’m still confused.  Come to think of it, “The Tales of Molly Malaney” might be fascinating.  Perhaps I could play the role of DeAnna! Yes, I can see it now.

I do anticipate that Miss Malaney will soon become a Big Binder reader, as The Bachelor has a 4 year old son.  So Molly, if you, or anyone else would like to take your kids to a play for free, check out the Civic. We’ll be there!



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