Dino Review

Yesterday, (Tuesday actually – I had posting issues last night when I wrote this) AP and I headed down to the “Kindergarten Here I Come” event at the public museum.  I blogged about this a little before in this post.  It was an event put on by Grand Rapids Public Schools for incoming Kindergartners. We got there VERY early, and decided to  walk over to the Amway GrandBeing accustomed to fine accomodations, A.P. was only moderately impressed. 

We got a snack at GP Sports, where I realized that despite 5 years of my best efforts; my son is a jock.  There are about 50 TVs in there with showing about 30 different sporting events. Our conversation was as follows:

Me: So! Are you excited to see the Dinosaur Exhibit?

A.P.: Aw, DUDE! That’s got to hurt.

Me: What in the world are you talking about?


Me: (Trying to reel him back in): So! What’s your favorite sport?

A.P.: (Absently) All of ’em. OH DUDE! Look at THAT!

I gave up and called my friend, and then texted my husband for a while until it was Dino-time. Note to A.P.’s future girlfriend – a sports bar is not a good date location for this particular boy.

Back at the museum, we chatted with people from the different schools.  I made myself approach it with an open mind, even though I am a big supporter of charter schools, Young Fives programs and half day kindergarten which is not a super popular stance among this crowd. I’ll just say this:  we are very lucky to have gotten into the school we are in, and are staying put.

The Dino Exhibit was “Sweet! Dude! Look at that!”.  Definitely worth the extra couple of bucks to get in (although we were fortunate to be able to see it for free last night).  I was surprised that the giant, moving dinosaurs weren’t more of a draw.  A.P. was most impressed with a this kind of 3D puzzle thing, where you put the dinosaur back together and have to figure out what bones go where. 

It was a fun time with my favorite little jock.  Next week I have a ‘date’ with Maybelle.  We are going to see the Butterflies at Meijer Gardens.  I am already starting to hyperventilate a little. You might recall that I am not much of a fan.  Need a fun even to do with your kid(s)? Head over to the calendar, March is looking good!


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