Iron Woman!

I thought for a minute there that I was getting old.  For the past several months I have been very, very tired.  I have also had headaches alot which I attributed to needing new contacts. 

Fortunately, rather than (or in addition to anyway) ‘old age’, it turns out I have ridiculously low iron.  I think it’s because my blood-test crazed doctor keeps taking blood out of my arm, but she assures me no; it’s something else.  And while a steak with a spinach salad isn’t going to hurt me, my ‘iron deficit’ needs to be figured out and fixed.

I got me some prescription-strength iron pills and I am fixin’ to get a scope shoved into every orifice I will allow and for the ones I won’t.. well, that’s what sedation is for.

So that’s where I’ve been for the past week, getting stabbed in the arm repeatedly and resting up. The iron is kicking in and I actually feel fantastic. Weird as this sounds, my headaches have gone away and I swear my vision is better too. Poor little red blood cells! Sorry guys, I thought you were just getting geriatric.

And here it is, a week into a new month and here you are with last month’s calendar. Tsk, tsk Big Binder.  I’ll be updating the calendar page right over the next few days to update with all of the goodies I’ve found.

One thing in particular to note is that the Dove Film Festival is now “Flick’s Family Film Festival“, but it’s the same deal.  The lineup looks OK-ish.  It’s about as full of wholesome goodness as it was when Bratz was offered up as a ‘family friendly’ film.

Check back over the next few days for more updates!


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