Menu Plan Monday


Woo wee! Lookie here, I am menu planning two weeks in a row! I think I can officially call this a roll.


Roasted Turkey Breast – this was supposed to be for Sunday.  I am trying to establish that “Sunday Meal” tradition in our home. Unfortunately, I had no idea how long it took to defrost a giant turkey breast so we had breakfast for dinner Sunday instead.

Green Beans

Home-made bread I finally figured out that I have to activate the yeast in water AND sugar before I put the stuff in the bread maker.  I have spent about a year with flatter-than-necessary bread. 

Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?


Baked Potato Soup I made a double or triple batch of this and put it in the freezer; it’s really filling and yummy. 


Applesauce from the never-ending supply in the freezer


Pork tacos – we have leftover, frozen pork so I’ll that it, chop/shred it, and put them with rice on corn tortillas.  My kids will eat about anything wrapped in a corn tortilla.

Crockpot Refried Beans

Pumpkin Bread – One loaf for now, one in the freezer for another day.


(Sort of) Pasta e Fagioli Soup – I’ll use this recipe, except I already have some rib-eye steaks we grilled for another meal, then froze the leftovers. I’ll chop those up instead of using ground beef, and use dried beans instead of canned.

Canned peaches – from this summer


Black Bean BuRgers I finally found a use for Panko other than Chicken Parmesan. Yah!

Sweet Potato Fries

Fresh veggies with ranch dressing

For more menu plans, check out Menu Plan Monday.



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4 responses to “Menu Plan Monday


    Come cook for me. Grouchies gone. Well sort of.

  2. E

    black bean whats?

  3. Every single one of these meals sound (read) yummy!

  4. My husband and I appear to have caught a spring cold or it’s sinus season. Ugh!
    Thank goodness we have a teenager who likes to cook.
    I guess I’ll take a day off, put my feet up and do some blog visiting.
    Happy MPM.

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