What to do this weekend?

Any plans for the weekend? We’re chillaxin’ with some movies tonight and saying our final goodbyes to Couchy Jones, Beloved Fish.  He passed away last night, apparently early in the evening because the whole house was stunk up pretty good this morning.

The on Saturday, my husband has a 6:00 AM, two hour long spin classbecause he is a nut job. Meijer is having a “Dr Seuss Birthday Event” from 11-2, with half price Dr. Seuss books (most of them are $8.99, I checked already), free stickers, coloring books, and activities. Then a little later, we will be helping out with the “Strong Fathers” event at the downtown YMCA.

Also this weekend is the Downtown Winter Rail Jam Festival at the BOB.  This is right up our alley – food, music, and a huge 30 foot snow pile covered ramp for us to watch people of all abilities master or splatter all over it.  Check out this website for more information.

Have a great weekend, hope we see you around!


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