It’s Dino MITE

I am ready for the righteous Dinosaurs Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum that opens this weekend. But… my husband is unemployed (yep, again) and it’s totally cramping our style.  That’s all right though – I am full of jive talk and hip to all the stuff in town  that won’t cost a c-note. You dig? Good. Imbibe in my scribe. Let me lay it on you.

Get the party started by heading over to Grand Rapids Christian High School for the free parenting conference, Celebrating the Family“.  More details in Big Binder’s calendar and here is a link to the brochure.  It’s from 8:15 to 12:15 am.

Swing home, grab your kids, and head down to GRCC for the Family Matters event.  The Ford Fieldhouse will be filled with all the stuff kids dig – inflatables, balloon artists, and tables full of candy for them to swipe while you rap with the folks frontin’ for their fine organizations. 

When you’re done there, cruise over to Schuler Books on 28th Street to see that Paleo Joe character at 3:00.  He’ll also be at the Museum , but see him here for free.  If you have some extra cash in your pocket, get a few of his Dinosaur Detective Club books.  If you’re like me, check them out from the library.  

If you’re too pooped on Saturday, wait until Sunday. The same program will be at the Alpine location at the same time. Also on Sunday is the Grand Rapids Public Library’s Taste of Soul Sunday, with a full day of food, stories, and activities.  It’s going to be out of this world, man.

Mellow out on Monday, then remember IHOP’s Free Pancake Day on Tuesday (a link with more info is on the Calendar).  If you just can’t sit still, you can check out the Dinosaur Romp at the Grandville Library at 6:30 PM. Don’t worry though, that program is going to be at several different KDL locations over the next several weeks. 

If you can’t afford the Dinosaurs Exhibit admission be patient.  You can get free admission to the museum on Mondays if you’re a Grand Rapids resident. You’ll still have to pay $2.00 for the exhibit.  If you wait until March 10th and you have a Kindergartner in Grand Rapids Public Schools, you are invited to “Kindergarten Here I Come” at the museum.  Here is another link. Hang in there for more details; I’m not sure if admission to the dino exhibit is free or not yet.

Hope all you cool cats have a good weekend. You got the haps in G-Raps, now don’t be a square!



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    I love you!

  2. Hi There –

    There is a cost-effective way to see the DINOSAURS: Just Imagine! exhibit at the Public Museum.

    During DINOSAUR Discovery Nights (February 23-26, March 16-20, April 6-10 and May 4-7) pay just $10 per person for Museum admission, special exhibit admission, planetarium show, unlimited carousel rides and a pizza meal! Members pay just $5 per person!

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